Lemons: The Little Yellow Household Miracle!

lemons household miracle

We must make hundreds of little choices each day about the way our household is run. From buying cleaning products to solving domestic disasters, every choice comes loaded with a whole lot of other concerns. We wonder, for example, whether any given option is healthy, affordable, ethically responsible, safe… It seems like nothing is ever simple.

One option that is relatively simple, though, is the lemon. Suitable for cleaning, cooking, defeating pests, starting fires and even – most importantly! – making invisible ink, lemons are a healthy, natural, widely available and affordable magic bullet for any number of household problems.

To start with one of the tougher uses to which you can put it, consider the problem of hardened paintbrushes. You don’t want to throw them away because this would be a waste. Buying new ones is expensive. But turpentine feels so abrasive, and vinegar leaves a nasty smell. Lemons, on the other hand, are natural, cheap, and smells fresh and lovely. Add lemon juice to a pot of water, chuck the paintbrushes in, and bring it to the boil. Let this messy stew sit for 15 minutes, then wash and rinse the paintbrushes. Good as new!

It’s also an affordable way to do a bit of personal upkeep. Soaking your nails in lemon juice and olive oil will strengthen them, which saves you a ton of time from dealing with the inevitable broken nails of domestic life. If you have a young child who wants to experiment with their hair, but you don’t want the expense or damage of paying for dye or bleach, give them some lemon juice to spread on their locks. Sitting in the sun while it dries will add natural highlights that are sure to thrill the young poser!

This is just a glimpse at what lemon can achieve around the house. A new infographic from OnStride Financial gives the full lowdown on the best reasons to fill your basket with lemons next time you go grocery shopping.

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