Kidstuff: Why You Should Let Your Child Role Play


Children learn from their environment non-stop. Even if we don’t hear them ask questions or talk about what they hear or see, they are absorbing everything – and that includes our (parents) own routines. Many of the activities we take part in shows our child about the importance of his or her role in the society. This is your best chance to mold your child or guide him or her to a proper direction.

Role-playing is a vital part in molding your child to better understand adult behavior, activities, and responsibilities. It also provides a safe opportunity for your child to learn about the world we live in.

Here are the just four different categories of role play toys that you can introduce your child and how it benefits them.


Dolls to a large extent have been playing the role of entertaining children for a long time, and some even collect it as adults. When a child plays with dolls and accessories, it helps to improve on their creativity and clothes/color combination skills because of the variety of outfits, accessories, and play sets that they can easily mix and match. It improves interaction skills as well because they can share ideas behind their preferences. They are only limited by their own minds.

Toy kitchen sets

Come on. We’ve played these so much as kids – and look at ourselves now. Still playing in the kitchen. Start by promoting responsible and healthy eating, safe, and sanitary cooking style in the kitchen o that your child can practice what he or she is observing. By purchasing fake healthy foods instead of fast food replicas, your child will be more familiar with good eating practices that she’ll bring with her as she grows up.

Playset kitchens typically come with a sink so your child can pretend washing her hands before and after cooking. She can also pretend washing the dishes, as well as dry and put them away in a cabinet. This teaches your child to maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary kitchen.

Toy Medical Kit

Chances are your child has visited your pediatrician’s office numerous times for different immunizations or ailments. During these sessions, your child was observing and taking in all the items and activities in the medical office.

Toy doctor kits allow your child, by role playing, to learn what it’s like to work in this career. Through his or her observations, learning how to nurture, care, and check a patient (a stuffed toy for example) carries on as a trait growing up. Your child might also pursue medicine in the future because of this.

Dress-up costumes

Dressing up opens up a world of endless possibilities, thanks to every kid’s high imagination, dressing up not only means entertainment but a way to allow your child to decide what he or she wants to be in the future. Dressing up can be done alternatively through dolls and accessories. It can be more affordable and diverse this way since dress-up dolls are more affordable. You may also go to thrift shops to buy hand me downs or costumes for less.

The best part? The opportunity is endless while they’re still young. Now’s your chance to let your child’s imagination and creativity shape his or her future!

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