5 Ways to Reconnect Kids with Mother Nature

5 Ways to Reconnect Kids with Mother Nature

We are all living in a digital age, and of that there’s no doubt; our kids are glued to their device screens every waking moment and with TV, that doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Bed and school take up most of a child’s time and some urban kids can lose that essential connection with nature, especially if both parents work full-time.

Summer is on the horizon and if you are desperate to find something worthwhile for your kids to do this holiday, here are a few ideas.

  1. Sports academies – Soccer, Aussie Rules, Tennis, Basketball, and many other sports are covered by summer camp operators; children with special needs such as ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia can enjoy therapy at Hope Kids OT, a leading therapist with all the solutions. If your son/daughter shows promise at a sport and more importantly, has a passion for playing, enroll them in a top-rated sports academy.
  2. Foreign field trip – Seeing other cultures broadens a child’s outlook on life; how about a tour of Europe, ending with a month in the UK, then home for the start of the new academic year? Perhaps they would prefer spending a few weeks in Southeast Asia, there are Australian overseas project operators and they can be found with an online search.
  3. Camping – Load up the RV, get out the maps, and take the family into the wilderness for a few days. If camping isn’t really your thing, you can rent a campervan and dip your toes in the water. Kids love camping and with a little instruction, they can safely explore the local area around the campsite. Why not make it a rule to switch off all digital devices for the duration of the trip? We all need time away from tech and a few days of camping is just what the doctor ordered.
  4. Mountain biking – Why not rally the whole family to take up mountain biking? You can put 3 on a bike rack and drive to nearby beauty spots where you can enjoy exhilarating rides through lush forests and valleys. There isn’t a healthier way to get your daily exercise and by using the Internet, you can plan your adventures; long weekends are perfect for lengthy bike rides through known trails. Click here to learn how to deal with knee injuries.
  5. School summer trip – Every school arranges a summer camp, which might be for as long as 30 days. Talk to your kids about the prospect of going on a school trip and see how they feel about it. They might have friends who are going, which is even better, and at least you can rest assured that they won’t be doing anything they shouldn’t.

If your child is suffering from learning difficulties, there are special organizations with qualified therapists who are ready to help children improve their quality of life.

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