It’s been a Very Very Long Day

I sound like that tv commericial.  But it has been a very long day, we had to take Gracie, our 9 year old to the specialist at Duke and she ended up needing x-rays. Her colon is partially blocked a symptom of her IBS. It has been a long exhausting day coupled with not sleeping very well last   I am soo ready for bed. I am already in my pajamas and it is only 7:15. I am going to curl up in bed and veg in front of the tv to watch a Mark Wahlberg movie
 (which I will probably fall asleep watching that how tired I am ).  Now that’s tired.
Will return to posting deals and freebies and contests tomorrow.

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  1. It does sound like a very tiring day.

    Hope you got lots and lots of rest.

  2. It's always so tough when one of your kids is sick. I hope that she is feeling better soon.

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