Is It Acceptable to Change Dog Food Brands?

The overwhelming choice in dog food brands is quickly evident when walking down the pet food aisle at your local grocery store. While it can be challenging to know what dog food is best for your pet, it is equally challenging to decide if or when you should change.

It is acceptable to change dog food brands, but it is best to know how, when, and why to amend your preference. Here are some things to consider when changing dog food brands.

The History of Dog Food

It was only about 100 years ago that the first commercial dog food products hit the market. Before that, dogs were typically limited to table scraps and homemade dog food. Tinned dog food, made predominantly of horse meat, hit store shelves in 1918 and was an instant success until World War II.

Necessity breeds creativity, and thus dry dog food was invented, which could be kept in bags like Katherine Heigl Dog Food with an extended shelf life. However, the manufacturing process at the time limited the nutrition of these products. From about 1970 onwards, veterinarians started to improve pet food recipes and diversify products based on a pet’s dietary needs. However, commercial brands needed to keep up and remain relevant, resulting in numerous products on the market today.

How to change dog food brands

We would discourage you from changing dog food products hastily. This is the case whether moving from a budget brand to a more premium brand like Bully Max food or if you are weaning your puppy onto adult food. If you change brands too quickly, then your dog will likely let you know in the form of unpleasant episodes of diarrhea or vomiting.

A gradual shift from one type of dog food to another is key. The process should take at least a week, though doing this slowly is better than rushing. Start with a mixture of a maximum of 25% new dog food for a few days, and see how your dog reacts. In addition to checking whether they find the latest food palatable, you also want to check for signs of discomfort, skin irritations, or an upset stomach. If all seems well, gradually increase the ratio of new food to old until they are exclusively using the new preferred brand.

When should you change your dog food brands?

Use dog food that is appropriate for your pet’s age, energy level, and size. Follow the above recommendations for changing dog food brands, even if it is from one flavor or type to another. Below are some other reasons to change dog food brands:

·  Cost – Different brands can vary in price significantly

·  Life stage – Puppy, adult, senior dog

·  Food intolerances – Try limited ingredient dog foods

Dogs will happily eat the same brand and even dog food flavor. If the pet food is AAFCO-approved, then there is no need to amend it unless you or your vet notice an issue. However, if you wish to mix things up a bit, we recommend a slow introduction. 

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