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Hey guess what? It is October. Do you know what that means? It means that cooler temperatures are here. The leaves are changing colors. And now is the time to get those long sleeve shirts and pants out of the closet. I love fall. The best time of year is here fashion wise. The clothes are amazing. There is nothing I love better than to grab a sweater and some blue jeans and out the door I go. October is the start of blue jean season for me. Blue jeans go with anything and pairing them with my favorite shoes, my black boots makes me so happy. Are you like me do you forward to October where cooler weather prevails or are you a summer person? Anyway you look at it, October is the time to change out those summer clothes and look forward to a new season. But if you live in the Southern states, like me you may want to leave out a few of those summer clothes because it has been known to be hot at Christmas. Imagine a picture with Santa in shorts, yep that is right. October signals new clothes and a new attitude.

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