Hypoallergenic Cleaning Tips for Airbnb Rentals

Hypoallergenic Cleaning Tips for Airbnb Rentals by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When times are tough on the home front, many families have turned a spare room into an Airbnb rental to earn some additional income. Some have even turned garages into a bedroom to create a room to rent out. This often works well because guests can be provided with their own entrance.

However, many new Airbnb hosts do not realize that renting out a room is not as passive as it looks. Airbnb handles the marketing to find potential renters but owners handle closing the deal for the most part. But the biggest time commitment for hosts is the end-of-rental cleaning.

Offsite Airbnb owners mostly use professional cleaning services that they can find online like stellarhome.com and trust them with being able to properly take care of their properties. Homeowners living onsite generally do the cleaning themselves in an effort to save money.

One of the ways to make an Airbnb rental more attractive to potential guests is to use hypoallergenic cleaning methods when cleaning rooms after guests have left.  This can be used as a marketing feature and will help to attract guests concerned about allergies when they are traveling.

Here are a few tips to ensure that future guests don’t suffer allergic reactions:

Do not use strongly scented fabric softeners

Having a fragrant bed often lifts up the mood of guests. However, most artificial fragrances have allergens that react to people with sensitive skin. It is rare for people to react to fragrances and chemicals in fabric softeners, but there are cases where hosts, in an effort to make sheets and pillow-cases smell better, pour too generous amounts of the fabric softener during laundry.

Do not do this — it is wasteful and increases the danger of people reacting to the chemicals and artificial fragrances in the fabric softeners. Use slightly less than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. Although the proper ratio depends on the load and material of the sheets, it should be possible to find a sweet spot for that faint attractive smell using the least possible amount of softener.

Use bleach sparingly and dilute other concentrates

It is necessary to disinfect the bathroom after each guest leaves. However, bleach and other concentrates designed for cleaning bathrooms can cause allergic reactions in many people. Therefore use only two-thirds of the manufacturer’s recommendation for diluting the product. This will do just as good a cleaning job but reduces the risk of causing allergic reactions. When cleaning toilets, rewash the toilet seat with water after disinfecting it.

Be especially careful with chlorine concentrates.  They are highly poisonous and a lot of people are very sensitive to them. There are many cases of people reacting to products containing chlorine, even though they were diluted according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Do not use scented products on dishes and utensils

As was the case with the linens, there are people who are allergic to the artificial fragrances and chemicals that are contained in some dishwashing liquids. There is absolutely no reason why these need to be fragrant. Find a brand that is odorless and can be used in small amounts to clean.

Some Airbnb hosts provide a small refrigerator in the rooms that they rent out. Sometimes guests may store food such as seafood and pork that can leave a lingering smell and be offensive to other people. In case there is a slight lingering smell of any food in the refrigerator, clean the refrigerator walls and racks with a damp cloth with baking soda, then follow up with a damp cloth soaked in only clean water. Repeat as necessary until the smell is gone.

Use Microfiber cloth to dust ventilation exhaust ports.

Many people suffer from dust allergies – probably more than chemical allergies. People with dust allergies react by sneezing in rooms and houses with a high dust build up in ventilation exhaust areas. This includes HVAC ports, centralized ventilation ports, and electric fans.

Dusting is normally a standard part of cleaning but areas such as the ones mentioned are often left out during a standard daily cleaning process. But for Airbnb rentals, exhaust ports should be dusted every time a guest leaves. Cleaning these with water may cause rusting over time, so the best way is to simply use microfiber cloths and do it more often.

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  1. I think these are useful tips not just for an Airbnb rental, but for throughout own homes as well – especially if you have children. I’m always concerned about not really knowing what is in commercial products.

  2. Amazing ideas. According to Airbnb, cleanliness is one of the major standards hosts are required to meet. Also, hosts who consistently receive low cleanliness scores may be subject to penalties. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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