7 types of Furniture You Can Add To Your Bedroom To Make it More Luxurious

7 types of Furniture You Can Add To Your Bedroom To Make it More Luxurious from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It is expensive to elevate the overall look of your bedroom to make it more luxe. You can always style your bedroom piece by piece to skip the pricey designer furniture to have that luxurious resting space. Spending too much on expensive pieces does not even guarantee a classy look. Suit these furniture to your taste to make your bedroom have that sophisticated look in an instant.

1. Aesthetic nightstand

Adding an aesthetically pleasing nightstand can change the overall ambiance of your bedroom. This simple furniture carries your essentials right before your shuteye, and for this reason, it can easily attract clutter. Get a nightstand that blends well but also keeps your belongings in place to avoid the area becoming an eyesore.

Styling your nightstand does not need to be complicated. A personal touch on your favorite things is a must. According to sleep experts at SleepMatters, you should consider having trays on top of your nightstand so most of your things don’t occupy the entire space. Glass or marble trays elevate the overall look, making it more sophisticated right before you sleep. You can also add a scented candle or a delicate lampshade for a warm ambiance.

2. Custom window drapes

The shy curtains on your bedroom makes the overall ambiance a laid-back one. But having drapes just sophisticates the entire look, making it feel luxurious the moment you step in. If you have a small room, benefit a lot by having drapes that are placed high above the windows. It elongates the room, and it brings elegance to the setting.

Luxurious curtains make bedrooms classy and custom window drapes are the best ones that will tailor the curtain style to your bedroom. Rods that are placed just a few inches below the ceiling line make drapes fall down the floor, reminiscent of royal suites in expensive hotels. 

Other tricks that make your curtains look more expensive include using a more substantial hardware to match the curtains. You can also weigh them down by having flat weights sewn at the bottom part. Don’t forget to train them and to wrinkle out that elongated set of drapes.

3. Natural air purifiers (plants)

Plants add life to any room. And it is a no brainer to add a few greens in your bedroom to make it look and feel fresh. Putting plants in various corners or areas of your bedroom takes a leap from an average-looking room to an elegant sanctuary.

Other than elevating the look of your bedroom, plants purify the air and cleanses it out of pollution. It also decreases the content of toxic gases inside, making it a more refreshing one. 

These plants also add life to your room, and can help you relieve stress.

Bedroom plants are low maintenance, and it can grow on its own even without constant watering and attention. Some of these plants don’t need too much sunlight, so putting it in corners or other fitting areas in your bedroom is not a problem.

4. Well-designed bed

The bed is basically the area that stands out as you enter your room. It therefore makes a good first impression of the overall look and environment. Make the design of your bed look like a cover of a magazine by putting on high-quality linens. You can also add a bed skirt to add a sophisticated touch.

A padded headboard makes your bed look like it’s going to have a photo shoot every day. Putting the right amount of pillows, as well as using a luxurious innerspring mattress, or even pillow top mattresses like these will also make it homey and very comfortable. Layer the blankets, quilts and the duvet covers accordingly to have that very cozy feel.

5. Lighting

The lighting of a room sets the mood and defines the total atmosphere of your room. Make a good impression with the right lighting design. The style of your lighting is easily noticeable, so choose a fixture that makes a good impression, with a style that lasts.

Treat your lighting like artwork. Choose lighting furniture with crystal and gold accents if you want to have that extra luxurious feel. The unique design catches the eye of guests, and you can completely relax in a very laid back lighting.

6. Statement mirror

One of the things that will make a room look delicate and expensive is by having a glass as part of the décor. Mirrors make a statement if they are big enough and if they are well-designed. Hanging decorative mirrors elevate the look of the entire bedroom, and they are inexpensive. They reflect light and it changes the lighting mood depending on the time of the day.

The cost of having a statement mirror is not a joke, as it comes in a wide range of designs and shapes. Pick a design that complements the theme of the room. Don’t make the mirror the centerpiece, but make sure it is also a piece of art in your bedroom.

7. Personalized dresser

Just like your reachable nightstand, a dresser can easily become cluttered because it is used daily. Getting a neat dresser on the other hand, will elevate the look instantly. A clean and mess-free dresser is pleasing to the eyes, making it look elegant.

If you still don’t have one, get a dresser at the right height so you don’t have to bend too much when reaching down your items. Match the hardware of your dresser with the main theme of the room. You can add custom decorative handles to make it more personal.

Add makeup organizers and trays so your dresser will not look messy. You can clear acrylics or glass organizers to make it look more sophisticated. Keep all the unused items inside drawers. Remember that less is more when it comes to styling your room, so have your dresser spacious because clutter will only attract your eyes for the worse.


Having your own bedroom style says more about your personality and taste. Stepping up the look of your bedroom is easily achievable with the right furniture and pieces to add in mind. 

If you have a mental picture of how the room will look, it will be an easier journey for you to make sure it ends up looking luxurious. Make sure to scout for the right bedroom pieces before putting everything together in your space.

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