How to Wash Kid’s Clothes

How to Wash Kid's Clothes from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Today we have Emma to write a guest post for us. Emma is the CEO at Kimi Dog, the wholesale children’s clothing website.. Hi, I’m Emma. Today I’m going to talk about how to wash kid’s clothes.

Outdoor play, crawl, and messy eating can cause stains and odors on children’s clothes. So, we need to wash children’s clothes frequently. Also, children’s skin is sensitive. You need to deep clean garments, trying to minimize detergent residue. Use a special detergent to prevent your child from being allergic to detergent residue while cleaning.

1. Read the instructions

Just like washing your clothes, it’s important to read the instructions. So, read the instructions before you wash children’s clothes. For example, the washing temperature, the correct drying procedures, what kind of detergent you should use, etc. Some fabrics may require unique washing methods. For instance, wool fabric is sensitive. It needs to be particularly careful to prevent deformation when washing kid’s wool sweaters.

2. Sort children’s clothing

There are two reasons why you should sort children’s clothing.

1. Some dark color clothes may fade, and if you wash them with light colors, it may cause light colors to stain.

2. If you read the instructions, you would know different garments require different washing requirements. Some require cold water, some require hot water. So you need to separate them. Also, if your baby uses cloth diapers, they must be washed separately from other clothing. 

3. Choose the right detergent

I recommend using baby laundry detergents. Standard laundry detergent contains chemicals that may irritate children’s sensitive skin. Baby laundry detergent is designed for baby, it can effectively remove the multiple daily stains of kid’s clothing (such as milk stains, fruit stains, vegetable mud stains, grease stains, saliva stains, etc.) and remove odor. Baby laundry detergent is Ph neutral, with no skin irritation. There’s almost no detergent residue after washing. It’s okay if you don’t want to buy baby laundry detergents. You can choose eco-friendly detergent strips like the ones from Clean People.  And avoid choosing detergent with strong fragrances. Fragrance means chemical, and the chemical is not friendly to children’s delicate skin.

4. Set up the washing machine correctly

If you have checked the instructions on the clothes, you should know how to set up your washing machine. Follow the instructions to set the recommended mode. Put the clothes in the washing machine. Turn your washing machine on, fill it with water. Make sure each piece of clothing completely submerges in the water. It will allow the detergent to fully dissolve and allow each piece of clothing to be deep washed. Don’t put too a big load of your clothes on at one time. Too many clothes can make the washing machine work hard. It will be easier to remove stains if you wash a small load of children’s clothes at one time.

5. Rinse your baby clothes again.

Even if you use a baby detergent for children’s clothing, the soap will remain in the fibers, and it can irritate your child’s skin. The tip to minimize detergent residue is to get your washing machine a second rinse cycle to make sure there is no residue.

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