How To Recognize If You Have Parasites

How To Recognize If You Have Parasites

There is a secret to eating healthy, right? Well, yes. We eat well when we have a balanced diet and stay hydrated. That’s what everyone says. But there’s a catch. Even the healthiest food may be susceptible to contamination. If you ingest contaminated food you have the risk of getting parasites.

The scary part is that you may not know it, but even you may be infected with parasites. There is a lot of harm that parasites do to the body. The symptoms might manifest in very unexpected ways. Sometimes they do not manifest at all.

What are parasites?

Let’s start with the basics and understand what kind of parasites there are that humans are susceptible to.

1.      Protozoa

These are single-celled parasites. They enter the body through food. The main reason for the transmission of these parasites is poor hygiene. Unwashed vegetables and fruits contain these parasites. In underdeveloped countries, diseases like malAria are caused when protozoa is transferred to the host.

People in the healthcare industry are more susceptible because they come in contact with fecal matter.

2.      Helminths

These are multi-celled parasites that infest human intestines after contamination. Their adult forms are visible to the naked eye. Since these parasites can’t multiply in their hosts, they die out. They infect their hosts as eggs. The eggs get lodged in the intestines and make their home there after hatching. These are worms like tapeworms, horn-headed worms, and roundworms. These worms can grow up to a few inches.

3.      Ectoparasites

These are parasites like mosquitoes and fleas that suck on human blood. They are dangerous because they transmit a lot of diseases like malAria. If you have pets at home you are at a greater danger of getting infected. Parasitic infections are common in those who have Lyme disease.

Now we come to the next question, why are these parasites dangerous? They are parasites and they thrive on the nutrients of the body, which means that the body gets fewer nutrients. If you ever feel like you’re deficient in nutrients, it might be worth it to get yourself checked for parasites too.

Parasites can even cause depression. Nutrients are needed in the body to produce hormones. These hormones are also responsible for regulating moods. If your body isn’t producing enough hormones then you may have parasites too, it sounds a bit far fetched, but that’s just how far-reaching the effects of having parasites are.

You may even have digestion problems. If you have constant stomach pain and constipation, a likely cause could be parasites in the gut.

How can you prevent parasites?

The only way of parasite prevention in humans is to maintain good hygiene and eat foods that help increase immunity.

Parasite infections depend on the immunity of the host. If the immunity is low, parasites will make their home in the intestine.

Maintain hygiene

  • Always wash your hands before and after meals
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables before consumption and cooking.
  • Never swallow water from swimming pools and other water bodies while swimming
  • Only drink water from trusted sources

There are certain foods that can help expel parasites from the body too.

Papaya seeds

Papaya Seeds are a natural way to cure people of parasites. Crush these seeds and mix with honey. This concoction has been used for centuries to get rid of parasites.Pa

Pumpkin seeds

These seeds have been used since ancient times to treat stomach and intestinal problems. They are rich in zinc, fatty acids, and magnesium. They are often used as a natural way for parasite cleansing.


Garlic is known for its anti-parasitic and immune system boosting properties. It controls fungal infections which puts a stop to the growth of parasites. It is especially effective in expelling protozoan parasites like Giardia.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is the easiest and the cheapest natural way to get rid of parasites. It maintains gut health and prevents parasites from getting lodged into the intestine walls. It boosts immunity because it is very rich in Vitamin- B. Vitamin B is essential for the immune system and other body functions so apple cider vinegar is a must in your diet.

Olive oil

Virgin Olive oil is a great antifungal antiseptic. It controls fungal infections that exacerbates the infestation of parasites in the body.

Most of the times, parasites complete their life cycles in the body and die out. But sometimes in rare cases, the females may lay their eggs and the cycle keeps repeating itself. It is advisable to get a full body checkup every few months. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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