How To Make An Earring Holder

Disclosure: This is a sponsor post on behalf of Wholeport. I will be creating crafts from the samples they send me and blogging about them. No other monetary compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.


I recently partnered with Wholeport to get my creative juices going. Each month I am able to pick out what I want to receive in my sample pack. Sometimes I just pick out something because it catches my eye hoping that I will be inspired when the sample pack comes in. But this month, I had something specific in mine. I picked out some burlap cross stitch fabric,  rosettes, an embroidery hoop. I also had on hand some lace fabric from one of my other shipments, so I decided to use this as well. Here is what I received in my shipment.

AFM Earrings 1

It doesn’t look like much right. But I am very happy with what it turned into. The first thing I did was unscrewed the embroidery hoop so that I could place the burlap cross stitch fabric between the two hoops. I then cut the excess fabric off . This left a clear edge around the hoop.

AFM Earring 2
This step probably was the hardest step because the embroidery hoop was a little tough to unscrew. That screw was very tight lol. Once I did this, then out came my hot glue gun. Working a little section at the time, I hot glued the lace fabric around the edge of the hoop.
AFM Earrings 3

This step probably took the longest because I had to wait for the hot glue to heat up and then I sometimes had to reapply the glue because it would cool before I could get the fabric down. That is why I suggest working in little sections at the time. After the lace was all hot glued, I then hot glued a rosette to the bottom of the frame.

AFM Earrings End

I am going to give this to my daughter for Christmas for her to use as an earring holder, but you can also use it as a piece of art or you can personalized it even more by cutting a letter out fabric and gluing it in the center of the hoop. That would be a great statement for front entryway.

So how have creative have you been lately?? Share your projects with me.

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