4 Simple Ways to Save Money at Home

4 Simple Ways to Save Money at Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Whether you were laid off or you wanted to save for a big purchase, you’ve probably looked at ways to cut some of your routine expenses. After all, even a dollar here or there on a few small things throughout the month can really add up. Here are some popular money-saving trends that people like you have discovered.

Create and Stick to a Budget

The first and most crucial step to saving money is to evaluate your expenses with a budget. You won’t know what to cut if you don’t know how much you spend on different things. Once you have your budget figured out, the second most important step is to stick to it. It’s easy to think an occasional $5 iced coffee doesn’t matter. However, making that purchase 10 times a month can add up to $50. That much money can pay for several streaming services.

Evaluate Your Phone Service

Do you still have a landline phone in your house? It might be time to consider switching to a voice-over IP (VoIP) home service like Ooma residential. In some urban areas, landline service can cost up to $85 per month. By taking advantage of your existing internet service, VoIP phones can represent substantial savings. 

Cut a Subscription

Cord-cutting cable or satellite TV has been a popular money-saving tactic for several years. However, the common alternatives might not save you as much money as you think. If you subscribe to three or four streaming services, you likely spend close to the consumer average of $40 per month. The cost can balloon as you add more options to get access to popular shows. Consider cutting out one or two services to save money, even if it’s just until the new season of your favorite show arrives. 

Shop Around for Discounts

Just as you can save money by bouncing around streaming services, you can also save money by shopping for discounts on services like insurance and cellphones. Take some time to look for great deals that can pay off immediately, like a free smartphone with a new cellular contract, or in the long term, like saving a few dollars off a monthly bill. 

As you can see, there are several ways you can turn your expenses around and start saving money at home. Whether you switch your phone service, cancel a subscription, or shop for discounts, you can find ways big and small to start saving money today.

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