How To Keep Your Dog Calm During a Rainstorm

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During a Rainstorm from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Many dogs have a fear of storms. Even if they are safely tucked away inside, the drop in barometric pressure that they can sense during a storm, in addition to the loud sounds of thunder and dark skies, can cause them to feel anxious. As a dog owner, watching your pet shake, cry, and hide during storms isn’t just an incredibly sad sight, it can also keep you and your kids up if storms occur at night. If your pet’s anxiety is really bad, they may even start to destroy your property by chewing through carpet or scratching away at drywall. To ease your pet’s anxiety and help make storms less upsetting to them, here’s how to keep your dog calm during a rainstorm.

Keep Calm

When your dog is shaking, running around, or acting erratic, it is normal to get a little anxious. However, it is important to try to stay as calm as possible. If you act frantic or nervous during a storm, your pet will likely pick up on your energy and it will only make them more anxious.

To help calm their nerves, do your best to avoid pacing or fiddling around the house. Instead, I recommend being present with them and offering them comfort in the form of petting them or giving them their favorite toy.

Create a Safe Place

If your dog has a place where they feel safe and secure such as in their kennel, the basement, or under a blanket on their bed, make that place accessible to them. In addition, consider bringing their doggy bed or kennel to the room in your house that blocks out outside noise the best. Then, shut the blinds and put on some music or the TV to further mitigate the sounds of the storm outside. Doing so will help reduce the visual and auditory stimulation from the storm.

Try Giving Them CBD Oil

Another way to help keep your dog calm during a rainstorm is by giving them CBD oil. CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular in the pet industry due to its wide range of potential benefits. In addition to helping alleviate pain and improve appetite, CBD oil has been known to help reduce anxiety in pets.

If you know that a storm is on its way and your dog is starting to get nervous, consider giving them a CBD oil-infused treat or placing a few drops of CBD oil on their food. Doing so may help keep them calm when the storm arrives.

Consult Your Veterinarian

If you notice that your dog is experiencing high levels of anxiety, it is important to consult a professional veterinarian for advice. They can prescribe a safe and effective medication or suggest another course of action that will help remedy your pup’s extreme nerves.

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