Cost-effective Home Makeover Tips for 2016

It’s one challenge that faces every homeowner – how to achieve a successful home makeover without spending too much money? Whilst we can spending hours looking at interiors blogs packed with the most stylish room designs, the sad fact is that the average household doesn’t have the income to afford these looks.

But with a bit of cost-effective knowledge, we can all get that sleek kitchen, that luxurious bedroom and that effortlessly cool living room!

Kitchen chic


One thing that all kitchens have in common is that they are functional workspaces, and as such it’s essential to have a good clear out and get rid of all food items that have gone past their use-by date.

And once you’ve stripped everything back to the basics, then domestic goddess Martha Stewart has some great ideas on how even something as simple as a nice, new stainless steel rack can dramatically overhaul the look of even the most underwhelming kitchen area.

Bedroom luxury


Whilst kitchen makeovers are all about functionality, the bedroom is the area that calls out for much more comfort. But even luxury can be done on the cheap. So rather than splashing out on a whole new design scheme, something as simple as a new bed frame and some vibrant soft furnishings can effortlessly transform the whole room.

And with retailers like Bedstar providing a range of cost-effective bed frames, it’s certainly hard to beat these prices, and even harder to resist the temptation to treat yourself to a new bedroom design. Above all, it’s about shopping around to find the basics right at a low price, and then using your imagination and design flair to really ramp up the style!

Living room style

living room

When it comes to providing a space for relaxation, the living room should always balance comfort and functionality. Too often the living room can become overrun by cables, books and unnecessary pieces of furniture that’s an unfortunate side effect of any communal living space.

But this is where multi-functional furniture comes into its own. So whether it’s getting a coffee table with extra storage space or even investing in a sofa bed that’s capable of facilitating more guests, there’s no end to the simple and cost-effective ways that you can make your living room into a stylish, yet multi-functional interior space.

So whether you’re investing in a new bed frame, or just giving your kitchen a chic new revamp, with some careful online shopping and some innovative design creativity, you can be well on your way to a cost-effective home makeover in 2016!

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