How to Find the Perfect Standup Comedian for Your Party


Headhunting for a good standup comedian can be a very tricky situation. Unlike other entertainment options for your event, opting for a comedy gig can go either way. While a good comedian can have your guests rolling on the floor with laughter, you must also gear up for the possibility that the performance of a mediocre comedian can last them hours of awkwardness.

In order to avoid the latter scenario, here is an indispensable checklist that you must keep in mind, when you are interviewing candidates for a stand-comedy feature at your party.

1. Go through the Comedian’s Profile

Sure enough, you find some people from your daily life very funny. Yet, ask yourself this: will I take the risk of having Jack from my office, or Aunt Jennifer, run a standup comedy show at my engagement party? 

In other words, an important requisite that differentiates a good standup comedian from an average comedian is their professional profile. Amateurs, in this business, often lack that spark and confidence that constitutes an excellent standup comedy artist. Herein, important questions to ask are:

  • ·         What kind of parties has the comedian worked at?
  • ·         Is the comedian affiliated to a reputed comedy club?
  • ·         Have they a got a good review from newspapers, magazines, and others?

Interacting with the comedian will shed light on the above questions, and help you to find a perfect comedian for your important events.

2. Visit the Comedian’s Website

A good practicing comedian usually maintains a website. Visit such a website to know the standup comedian in a better manner. Such websites usually have video clips of the comedian performing. This will help you to sample his style of work. If you like what you see, your guests will most probably enjoy the comedian’s performance, as well.

3. Brief the Comedian about Your Party

Good stand up comedians are constantly renovating the content of their performances. Most of them rehearse several alternative pieces to suit the mood of different parties and its audiences.

It is, therefore, imperative that you inform the comedian about some ground rules. This might include a request to tone down racist, sexual or bigoted elements in the comedian’s content. This will save you from ruining the mood of your party, by ensuring that your comedian does not touch any sensitive points of your guests.

4. Enquire About PA Systems

Most professional comedians carry their own PA equipments with them. Thus, make sure that your comedian also offers this. Otherwise, you might have to go through the trouble of arranging for such equipments, on your own. This can take a lot of time and effort that are best to avoid when you are busy with other aspects of planning your special party.

Generally speaking, the key to locating a great stand up comedian, who will make your party successful, is communication. Talking to the performer will dispel all your doubts about his/her efficiency. If the comedian happens to be well-spoken, listens to you patiently, and appears to be committed to his art, hiring him for your party will probably be a good idea. is a known name if you’re looking to find any good choices in standup comedians for your event.

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  2. Nice post and so easy to read. Good job! Btw, I am also a stand-up comedian and think it as the best profession in da world. It’s so fun and interesting. People think it to be easy and something everyone can do. Ask me! It is so not easy. I have to always keep myself updated and practice more than 11 hours a day. I am also trying to be featured in television now..

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