How To Find A Good Facebook Ads Agency For Your Tattoo Shop?

How To Find A Good Facebook Ads Agency For Your Tattoo Shop?

You want to amp up your shop’s Facebook ads and get your amazing artwork in front of more potential clients. Smart thinking. Facebook’s targeting options make it a prime platform to connect with tattoo fans in your area. But running effective Facebook ads takes skill and time. An experienced Facebook ads agency like Websites That Sell can work wonders for tattoo shop marketing.

In this post, let’s talk tips for finding the perfect agency partner to create eye-catching, results-driving Facebook ads for your tattoo business.

Know Your Goals

First, get clear on the goals you want Facebook ads to achieve. Do you want to:

  • Drive new client inquiries and consultations?
  • Promote special deals or flash sales?
  • Highlight new artists or tattoo styles?
  • Engage your current audience?

Having specific goals guides the agency in crafting ads that convert. Help them understand your target audience, unique artists and offerings, and what success looks like.

Look for Specialists

Seek out an agency that specializes in Facebook ads for the tattoo industry. They’ll know the audience, lifestyle, art, and what messaging works. Ask about:

  • Case studies for past tattoo shops they’ve served. Look for relevant examples.
  • Tattoo industry connections and groups they are part of. This shows commitment.
  • Team members with passion for the art, like tattoo artists. Their insight is invaluable.
  • Ad strategy for the unique needs of tattoo marketing. One size doesn’t fit all.

A specialist gets your vibe and brings creative ideas you may have never considered.

Vet Their Facebook Expertise

Of course, a rock solid grasp of Facebook advertising is a must. Ask potential agencies about:

  • Types of campaigns and objectives they use – lead gen, traffic, conversions, etc.
  • Ad formats they leverage – Carousel, Stories, video. You want variety and creativity.
  • Audience targeting methods – location, interests, behaviors, and more.
  • Hands-on experience with ad creation, testing, and optimization.
  • Facebook marketing certifications and active learning. Tactics change quickly.
  • Results for past clients. Ask for reporting examples and impact stories.

Proven Facebook savvy produces the engagement and conversions you seek.

Examine Their Creative Chops

Incredible tattoo ads grab attention with stand-out creativity. When reviewing agency portfolios, look for:

  • On-brand designs reflecting tattoo art and culture.
  • A style that fits your shop’s specific vibe – traditional, Blackwork, neo-traditional, etc.
  • Tattoo-relevant video concepts – artist profiles, shop tours, etc.
  • Ad adaptations optimized for mobile and News Feeds.
  • Dynamic Carousel ad image series showcasing tattoo examples.
  • Shop branding and materials are seamlessly incorporated.

Imaginative, tat-focused creative makes ads more compelling and clickable.

Probe Their Process

How does the agency actually build and manage campaigns? Find out:

  • How they collaborate with you on strategy, creativity, and targeting. You should feel heard.
  • Campaign management procedures – ad testing, optimization, reporting, and insights shared.
  • Who handles day-to-day campaign monitoring and adjustments? An assigned point person is ideal.
  • How they track performance against your KPIs and goals. Results should be measurable.
  • Opportunities for ongoing campaign refinement and expansion over time.

You want a structured, metrics-driven, and collaborative process.

Request References

Vet short-listed agencies by chatting with current and past clients. Ask about:

  • Overall satisfaction working with the agency.
  • The agency’s grasp of their target audience and industry.
  • Their attentiveness and communication style.
  • Most importantly – did their Facebook ads deliver impact and ROI?


Finding the right Facebook marketing talent takes effort – but pays off big time. Spend time assessing agency expertise, creative chops, and fit. With the perfect partner, your shop’s ink will saturate Facebook feeds in no time. Let us know if these tips lead you to Facebook ads success.

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