4 Suhoor Items That Will Make Your Fasting Easier

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4 Suhoor Items That Will Make Your Fasting Easier from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Suhoor meals may vary from a very heavy dish to just a glass of milk. With more and more people preferring to stay up late, there is more likely a chance of not being able to prepare a nourishing meal. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your diet balanced as much as possible.

If feasible, prepare your Suhoor meal while you are clearing up the Iftaar and dinner dishes. You can use this Ramadan Daily action plan made by Bokitta’s Pinless Hijabs so that you don’t have to wake up very early to prepare a scrumptious Suhoor meal. Refrigerate what you cook and be ready for a quick stirring in morning and eating your Suhoor.

1. Egg Garden

A to-go breakfast that is really helpful if you sleep late; Egg Salad provides you with a lot of nutrients. Plus, you can add the vegetables and spices according to your liking in this recipe.

Boil some eggs, chop them and add them in a bowl. Next, add in a sauce, nor too sweet nor too savory, to give the mix a better texture. You can use mayonnaise, mustard or salad dressings. Add in salt and paprika for flavoring. Then, mix in the vegetables, preferably, spring onions, bell peppers, and chives. If you want, you can also add in some chicken or shrimps.

To top it all, you can either eat it is a salad or scoop a spoonful on some crackers. This recipe offers you a wholesome meal along with the necessary vitamins and proteins. There are endless ways to enjoy it so dig in and be ready for an animated fast.

2. Ful Medammes

A traditional recipe in Egyptian countries, Ful is mostly eaten alongside hardboiled eggs or smeared on pita bread slices. A very flavorful and fulfilling dish ensuring you great energy throughout your fast. If you have never tried it before, Suhoor is the best time to become addicting to this fulfilling food.

Firstly, the fava beans are boiled over medium heat for about an hour or so or until tender. Then marinate them in lemon juice, garlic, salt, and olive oil to give a variety of flavors. Hot sauce or red chili powder can also be added if you want your meal with a bit of spice. Lastly, garnish it with parsley and pickled onions. If desired, you can also serve them with sliced hard-boiled eggs.

A wholesome meal offering a wide range of flavors along with the proper nutrients required to last you through your fast. This is a super healthy recipe and can be varied according to your preferences.

3. Chicken and Pumpkin Soup

A proper, complete meal, this soup is made from fresh chicken, a bit of chicken stock, pumpkin puree and fresh vegetables. Cream and cheese are added to give the soup the proper texture and flavorings.

First off, you will need to stir fry your vegetables in olive oil. Then add in the cream and mix in the fresh chicken, chicken broth and pumpkin. Next comes the salt and pepper. Add in a bit of garlic for taste and stir to mix well. Lastly, add in the cheese and allow it to melt. Garnish it with a bit of coriander. You can season it accordingly with additional seasonings if desired but make sure not to make too salty to prevent dehydration during your fasting hours.

The best part of this recipe is that it uses chicken, which makes it a whole meal, and eliminates the need for side dishes. The recipe also works great alongside with a piece of crusty bread or if you prefer cornbread muffins.

4. Avocado toast

We all love avocadoes because they are packed with essential nutrients and will give you a great start for a day of fasting. One great reason for including it in this list is that it is a relative easy, quick and simple recipe that can be made without any prior preparation.

Use the bread of your choice – whether you prefer wholegrain or simple bread, it is totally up to you. Lightly toss them; do not use too much oil lest the Suhoor item will make you feel bloated. Mash the avocadoes on the top of warm toasts and add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Remember to use very light salt to avoid getting thirsty during the fasting hours.

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