How to Cut Back on Your Monthly Cell Phone Bill

Paying for a cell phone is expensive these days, especially if you have a smart phone. Little features and accessories build up in cost and pretty soon you have a phone bill that’s at least one hundred dollars or more per month. It might be fun having an expensive cell phone, but if you’re currently trying to save, it’s a challenge. Instead of spending tons of money on your phone, think of ways to cut back.

Select a Phone Plan that’s Low on Minutes

If you absolutely must have a smart phone, keep your phone but try to cut back on minutes and add-ons. This means have a phone plan that only has 900 minutes or less per month. If you tend to talk a lot, this might not be the best plan for you, but if you can talk at night after 9 p.m. for free, depending on your phone plan, this will help tremendously. Usually unlimited text messaging plans are only ten dollars each month or a bit more, so if you can get unlimited texting and use this instead of spending money on talk time, this will be ideal. Having this type of plan will also help you spend less each month.

Forget the Accessories!

Cell phone accessories, such as expensive cases, stands and other gadgets are what will put you deep in the hole. Instead of buying an expensive phone case at your local phone store, look for used accessories online. Or, if you really want to cut back on accessories, wait until your phone is older and the cases will become a lot less money to buy.

When It’s Time to Upgrade Phones, Buy a Used Cell Phone

Most cell phone companies will always give you the option to upgrade your phone. However, instead of spending money on an upgrade, why not consider finding a used cell phone that’s fairly new? Find used cell phones for sale and you’ll have a lot more options. Plus, if you’d rather switch cell phone carriers or find a cell phone that’s just as good as new, this will be the right decision; it will give you a wide variety to choose from.

So when it comes time to get a new cell phone or find a new cell phone carrier, think wisely and don’t be eager to spend a lot of money every month. There are alternatives to spending more money than what is necessary, such as finding a used cell phone, cutting back on your phone plan minutes and being selective about the extra features that you use. Be smart and you’ll be satisfied with the money that you spend on your cell phone monthly.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves finding ways to cut back on money because she is currently saving up for a fun winter vacation!

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