How to Clean Your Roof in 8 Steps

How to Clean Your Roof in 8 Steps

Everyone knows the importance of a roof. They provide safety to the people inside. The materials and roofing supplies used these days are of top quality and last long. However, you still need to clean your roof and maintain it properly. Why? Well, because over time, roofs will accumulate debris, algae, moss, and dirt. Also, they can get repaired for cracks, which is not good for your shingles. A dirty roof will decrease the appeal of your home and even cost a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your roof frequently. Wondering what methods for cleaning your roof you can use? Well, it depends on the contaminants on the roof and their types. However, a few basic steps are similar. This guide talks about the same, along with other things like the benefits of roof cleaning.

What are the benefits of roof cleaning?

It extends the lifespan of your roof.

Frequent roof cleaning using proper supplies and tools will undoubtedly extend the roof’s life. A dedicated roofing supply company in Los Angeles can guide you or do the cleaning themselves. Working with professionals and cleaning the roof frequently is better to ensure it doesn’t degrade or weaken the structure. If that happens, the replacements and repairs will be costly.

It prevents structural damage.

The growth of moss and algae can lead to rot, which damages the wooden components. If you clean your roof regularly, you can prevent the roof from getting damaged further.

It enhances the curb appeal.

Everyone wants an aesthetic home; if your roof looks good, you instantly enhance its curb appeal. A clean roof makes the house look newer and even more well-maintained, which increases its resale value.

Lower energy bills

When your roof is clean, it reflects more heat and sunlight. Thus, your home remains cool in the hot summer, significantly lowering your bills.

Clean your roof in eight steps.

Want to clean your roof without hiring professionals yet? Then, try these simple steps today.

Have all the safety equipment.

Before you start cleaning the roof, check if you have any safety equipment to keep yourself safe. If not, get the right one. You might fall or get injured if you try clenching the roof without proper equipment, like a ladder or harness.

Remove debris

The next step is removing debris like branches, twigs, and leaves from the roof. Use a broom or rake with soft bristles and gently sweep the roof’s surface. Be careful not to be aggressive; otherwise, you will damage the tiles or shingles.

Pre-wet the roof.

With a garden hose with a spray nozzle, pre-wet your entire roof. It will loosen the dirt and any contaminants. It also prevents the cleaning solution from drying quickly.

Apply a cleaning solution.

Apple has a biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solution on the surface. Let it sit for a while, and always follow the proper instructions.

Scrub gently

Gently scrub the roof’s surface using a broom to ensure the cleaning solution works well and helps loosen moss, dirt, and algae. 

Rinse well

Use a garden hose to clean the solution completely from the roof.

Prevent future dirt and growth.

If you do not want algae or moss to continue growing, it is best to apply preventive treatments like copper or zinc strips, Which will cause the organisms to lose their hold on the oil.

Final inspection

Check the roof one last time to see if any damage remains. If replacements or repairs are needed, work with a professional immediately. 

How frequently do you clean the roof?

  • Annually, get a professional roofing contractor to identify and work on any issues.
  • Regular cleaning every 2–3 years (deep cleaning) will depend on your region and contamination level. 
  • If you see any growth of algae, moss, or other damage, ensure you repair it immediately. Otherwise, it will cause future issues.


Roofs are an essential part of your home’s structure. They keep your home safe and in good condition, which is necessary for your overall health. Therefore, keeping your roof clean is crucial, as it can avoid the accumulation of algae, mosses, and debris. Proper maintenance also allows you to ensure the roof does not get damaged. If you are ahead in this and get professionals to help you out soon, you will not have to pay for massive repairs later on.

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