DIY Lighting Ideas For Your Baby’s Nursery

DIY Lighting Ideas For Your Baby's Nursery from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you bring home a baby, your life revolves around your bundle of joy. You want to give the best to the little one, right from the feeding and care routine to the prettiest nursery. Consider designing the nursery even before the baby arrives because you will have plenty of time and ideas during the pregnancy phase. Choose the right colors (think beyond the quintessential pink and blue) and theme, pick the right furniture pieces and create a functional space. After covering the basics, you need to opt for the best lighting ideas to illuminate the room. Here are some you can try for your baby’s nursery.

Keep it warm and soft 

As a rule, a nursery should have soft and warm lighting. It reduces the contrast between dark and bright, giving a much-needed rest to the underdeveloped eyes of a newborn. Bright lights can make them fussy, anxious, and uncomfortable. Even worse, they can become a hazard if the curious toddler comes poking around. Skip halogens and exposed bulbs, and opt for fixtures offering diffused or shaded glow. 

Create layers of light

Soft lighting is apt for a nursery. But you cannot depend on it for cleaning a messy diaper or checking a nappy rash. You can find the middle ground by creating layers of light. Steer clear of a single bright ceiling lamp and have multiple sources like lamps and fixtures to have enough visibility in the room. Layering with a minimum of three points of light is a good idea. Have an overhead fixture, a changing table light, and a reading lamp for yourself.  

Get creative with neon

As the little one becomes more active, you will want to bring brighter hues to the nursery space. You can explore the option of custom neon lights for room to get the best of both worlds. Look for a vibrant tone that is playful yet soft enough to soothe the baby to sleep. The little one will love it, while you can enjoy being as creative as you can. Go the extra mile with a custom neon sign that welcomes the baby in the new world.

Avoid floor lamps

An element you must avoid in a nursery is tall floor lamps by the crib. These elements are an accident waiting to happen when your baby starts crawling and walking. The little one can easily send it crashing to the ground. If you want task lighting in the nursery, solid table lamps make the best fixtures. Ensure that you can tuck away the cords safely out of the toddler’s reach. 

Control natural light

Natural light is good for the baby, and you will want it to enter the nursery to freshen up the space. But make sure you have only as much as the room needs because flooding light can interfere with the restful sleep for the little one. It can also overheat the room, which can do more harm than good. Invest in window treatments to control the amount of natural light coming indoors. Have just enough for the baby to be comfortable. 

Nursery lighting takes creative thinking, but you must also give attention to functional aspects. Keep it soft and prioritize safety as you have to be extra careful with a toddler around. 

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