5 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

Imagine this: you’ve finally gotten out of the mundane 9 to 5 work routine and started the exciting journey of entrepreneurship. You’ve equipped yourself with crucial business knowledge and unique skills. On top of that, you recruited a team of experienced and skilled individuals who are fully dedicated to your business’s objectives and goals. 

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Now, after you’ve done that, what’s next?  Well, it’s time to establish and maintain a solid online presence. It allows you to reach a wider audience, irrespective of their geographical location, making it easier to attract new target audiences. It enables you to create a strong brand image in the market that aligns with your customer’s interests.

The best way to boost your online presence is to launch a well-designed website. It serves as a platform where customers can find crucial information about your venture, like location, product descriptions, and pricing. It also lets you showcase your product offerings 24/7, enabling customers to browse and buy products anytime. But just having an ordinary site isn’t enough. Instead, you need a platform that allows you to differentiate yourself from other businesses and stand out. Of course, this can be difficult to achieve if you have no web design experience, but you can use a company like MC Web Studio to do this for you, so you’ll be able to build a high-quality site even if you have no expertise yourself.

So, here are some things every business website needs to set your business apart.

  1. Engaging Visual Content 

About 65% of people prefer visual content over written. It allows you to make your site more visually attractive and appealing, enhancing overall customer experience. Adding visual content to your website enables you to convey complicated information more effectively, making it easier for customers to understand your offerings. Besides that, it also allows you to improve rankings on search engines, allowing your customers to find your business through visual searches.

Therefore, add engaging visual content that allows you to set yourself apart from others. For starters, you can add high-quality stock illustrations to introduce your product offerings to the target audience. However, ensure your selected stock images align with your business’s overall theme. Along with photos, you can also add short videos. For instance, you can record customer testimonials, give your customers an office tour, or explain how to use the products.

  1. An “About Us” Page

Many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of the About Us page while creating a website, but it’s one of the most visited pages on the site. Therefore, all business websites must include a well-structured About Us page. The page allows potential customers to get information about the team behind the venture. They gain insights about who they’re dealing with, building trust and credibility. It also offers you a unique opportunity to explain your business’s story to the world, making it easier for customers to understand your goals and what differentiates you from others.

So, how can you create the perfect About Us page? Create the perfect page by highlighting your business’s history. You can include details like how your venture started or what inspired you to become an entrepreneur. You can also introduce the backbone of your business – your team members and their roles. After you’ve added all the essential information, add your company’s contact details like contact number, office location, and email address.  

  1. Customer Reviews

About 90% of the potential customers read online reviews before purchasing any product. So, it’s safe to say that customer reviews can make or break your business’s success. These reviews act as social proof to customers and reassure them that they can trust your business and products, resulting in increased credibility. It also plays a significant role in influencing the buying decisions of customers. After all, most customers prefer products with positive customer feedback. Not just that, including customer reviews on your website, allows you to identify weak areas, making it easier to make necessary changes.

Hence, start requesting customer reviews and feedback to add to your website. You can create a separate page on the site for customer reviews to make it easier for visitors to read about others’ shopping experiences. You can add product-specific reviews on product pages if you don’t want to dedicate a separate space for the reviews. If you wanted to go a step further, you could use tap review cards fitted with NFC chips in order to make it easier for customers to leave reviews. The thing usually holding customers back from leaving a review is the long process of manually going online to place the review, having an easily usable system simplifies things so customers can leave you positive feedback.

  1. Simple Navigation

Remember, complicated and complex site navigation can frustrate visitors, resulting in lower engagement and conversion rates. Hence, your site needs to be simple and easy to navigate. It lets customers quickly find what they’re looking for, leading to more satisfied and happy customers. Besides that, it also enables you to improve your search engine rankings, leading to increased brand awareness and visibility. It also substantially enhances your loading times, as easy navigation reduces the clicks required to reach a specific page.

So, it is imperative your website includes clear and concise menus to improve customer experience. However, don’t overwhelm your customers with too many menu items. Maintaining a consistent design throughout is also crucial. It makes it easier for visitors to find the information they want. To help you create the optimum design for your site, consider utilizing a wordpress tutorial if that’s your web builder of choice, as you may learn a few more things about what makes a good design and how to put it all into practice. Another great way to create an easy-to-use site is to reduce distractions like ads and pop-ups from the content.

  1. Strong Calls to Action

Have you heard about calls to action (CTA)? These prompts on a site allow visitors to take specific action. It guides visitors about where they should go and what to do, preventing their confusion and frustration. It also allows you to boost your conversion rates. Whether you want to improve your sales or newsletter subscribers, CTAs can help you. It enables you to monitor user engagement and evaluate your site’s success, allowing you to adjust your strategies accordingly.

However, just having a CTA on your website isn’t enough. You need to ensure it is crafted and structured professionally. So, ensure your prompt conveys a specific action you want your visitors to take. Alongside this, your CTA should be convincing. You can outline visitors’ benefits, like getting crucial information or saving cash. Besides that, make sure your CTA is visually appealing and different from the rest of your page. You can use attractive colors and fonts to catch visitors’ attention quickly.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re confused about how to make your website stand out, include these five must-haves in your website. Adding appealing and attractive visual content improves customer experience and search engine rankings. Likewise, an easy-to-navigate website lets visitors quickly find what they want, resulting in happier customers. Moreover, including customer reviews also positively impacts visitors, improving credibility and trust. All of these features can help you create a professional and appealing website in little to no time.

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