Tips to Choosing Complementary Jewelry for Your New Dress

Tips to Choosing Complementary Jewelry for Your New Dress from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Whether you’ve bought a new black dress for a much-awaited anniversary date night or a long flowing gown for a charity gala, you want to achieve a polished, perfect look. But pulling off that gorgeous dress is just half the battle won. Now, you have to pick the right jewelry to totally slay the look!

Many women face the predicament of picking the right jewels to match their dresses. If you have stacks of bracelets and rings plus an extensive collection of necklaces, the selection process can get too overwhelming.

So, here are the tips you should consider to make things a little simpler and more straightforward for you.

1. Use simple jewelry for highly decorated dresses

 By highly decorated, it means that the dress is heavily printed or patterned or it has a lot of glitter, frills, and ruffles. Your dress is already standing out on its own, and pairing it with highly ornate jewelry will make you look too “over the top.”

Keep the jewelry to a minimum if you intend to wear a busy-looking dress. You can opt for a pair of small stud earrings, a plain ring, or a single bracelet. But don’t wear them all the same time. Keep the number to just one or two. With a lot of things already going on with your dress, you need to complement it with simple and minimalist jewelry. Don’t add any more unnecessary drama or it becomes overkill.

2. Consider the neckline of your dress

Tips to Choosing Complementary Jewelry for Your New Dress from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom


You could also pick the right jewelry based on the structure of your dress’ neckline.

  • If you’re wearing a dress with a sweetheart neckline, use a short, thick, and chunky necklace, which would serve as the centerpiece of your look, drawing attention towards your face.
  • Dresses with deep V cleavages are best paired with necklaces with pendants, while strapless dresses could use either a short-chained or a multilayered necklace.

Your options aren’t limited to necklaces alone.

  • Halter dresses could use a pair of hoop earrings or statement bracelets.
  • You could also wear colored, ornate earrings to balance the look of a plain and solid-colored crew neck or cowl neck dress.

3. Determine the occasion

It is also essential to determine the occasion you’re attending to ensure that you wear not just the right dress but also the right jewelry. Here are some examples:

  • If you’re wearing a dress to work where you do a lot of typing, you should stay away from anything that dangles from your wrist. Instead, opt for small, dainty accessories that don’t get in the way.
  • Are you going out on a date night with your partner? Your little black dress could use some bling of tiny diamond studs and a gold ring. You may also want to check out promise rings from Getnamenecklace if you don’t have a pair yet.
  • It’s also an unwritten rule for women never to wear a full set of jewelry even if you’re attending a grand occasion, such as a wedding or a gala. You should opt to pick at most two from the set.

4. Pick the star of the show

You could also build your choices upon your chosen centerpiece. If you’re wearing a statement necklace to go with your sweetheart neckline dress, it’s best to keep other accessories to a minimum. Pick a simple pair of earrings and limit the number of rings to just one or two.

You may also pick a pair of grandiose earrings or statement bracelet as the centerpiece. In which case, you could forego the necklace and opt for additional simple jewelry instead. You need to remember that the centerpiece jewelry should shine in your outfit, so don’t pick other pieces of jewelry that compete for attention with one another.

Final Thoughts

Wearing the right jewelry to complement your dress can give you a significant confidence boost. But don’t get too carried away with all the selections, or you could end up looking too dressed up and over accessorized.

Instead, you want to narrow down your options based on the style of the dress, its structure, the occasion, and what you want to highlight. Your jewelry should be flattering on you, so pare down your choices, lay them down, and try them on with that new beautiful dress. The right jewelry should accentuate your natural beauty and bring out your style.      


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  1. Thanks for letting me know that you should get simple jewelry for an elaborate dress. I’m going to a dance, and my dress is really showy. I want some jewelry to go with it, so I’ll make sure to get something simple.

  2. I like your advice to find the right jewelry to fit with the neckline, such as choosing a shorter, thicker necklace for a sweetheart neckline to bring attention towards your face. Knowing what fits with your outfits would be useful to find things that matches your clothing and style. It could help you search online and in local jewelry stores faster and more efficiently to find necklaces, bracelets, or anything else that you want for your dress.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that when choosing jewelry for a new outfit or dress that necklaces aren’t your only option. I think that earrings are a very underrated way of adding some class and style to an outfit. I also think that buying jewelry to match a new outfit is part of the fun of the whole occasion, so it’s nice to be open to different options.

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