How to Choose Activewear Leggings for Different Body Types

If you like being active, we are sure having the right leggings is your top priority. That’s because they support your intense workout sessions, and you can even wear them to the grocery runs. The leggings are meant to be flexible and comfortable, so you can get multiple choices. 

The issue is that there are so many options available, so finding “the one” will be difficult. You’ve to choose something that’s stylish and looks good on your body type too. So, if you want to purchase leggings but don’t know about the body shape, we are sharing a full guide!

Getting to Know Your Body Type

Before we talk about specific activewear leggings styles, let’s talk about body types in a general way. The most popular shapes are broken down in this simple way: 

  • Hourglass: This shape has a clear waist and hips and shoulders that are about the same width. 
  • Pear: The hips and legs are wider than the shoulders, giving you a balanced but curvy shape. 
  • Rectangle: This shape has a cleaner line between the waist, hips, and shoulders.
  • Apple: Most of its weight is in its body, with a fuller bust and middle. 
  • Inverted Triangle: A V-shaped curve is made by shoulders that are wide and a waist and hips that are narrow.

Remember that these are some basic rules. Many people have a combination of these body shapes, so you’ve to be careful. Similarly, you will have to pick leggings that address the specific part of your body. 

Types of Leggings for Every Body 

Knowing different body shapes might seem enough. However, this is where the real test starts because you have got to find leggings that look amazing. With this section, we are sharing what kind of leggings you should purchase.


You lucky ducks can wear pants in a lot of different ways. Styles with a high waist will make your waist stand out, and your legs look longer. But choices with a mid-rise can look just as beautiful, especially if you pair them with a 3d printed bra. Try on different patterns, colors, and textures until you find the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. At Cosmolle, you can easily find high-waisted leggings in a variety of colors. They have a wide waistband to help you with support and conceal the tummy rolls.


Leggings with a high waist are your best friend! They support and squeeze your core and hips, which makes your shape look smoother. If you want to make your waist look smaller, look for pants with panels or ruching on the sides or back. Stay away from low-rise cuts that could make your hips stand out. To add some variety, try leggings with a high waist and a short length that shows off your legs. 

For instance, you can wear these leggings from Cosmolle. They have a high waist, and you get support for your body. Also, they offer sufficient coverage to the legs as well.


If you want to look like you have curves, try high-waisted leggings with ruching, mesh panels, or color-blocking details that give your torso shape. You can also balance your body shape with leggings that have a slightly wide or bootcut shape at the ankle. To keep from drawing attention to your straight frame, choose solid colors or small designs.

Cosmolle has leggings available in solid colors as well, so you won’t have an issue finding the right one. Ranging from black to blue and hot pink, there is no shortage of colors.


For these women, it’s important to choose leggings with a supportive and wide waistband. That’s because these leggings can hold your tummy rolls in without making you feel suffocated. Also, you’ve to choose fabrics that keep moisture at bay. In addition, choose darker colors that make you look slimmer. For instance, Cosmolle has these black leggings available, which promise the slimming effect. Also, these leggings have contouring panels to help you achieve the right shape.

Inverted Triangle

For an inverted triangle shape, wear light-colored or patterned pants that draw attention to your lower body to balance out your broad shoulders. Cuts that sit just below your natural waist, called “mid-rise,” can help narrow your shoulders and look less noticeable. 

To add visual interest and keep your proportions in check, look at styles with mesh panels or cutouts on the legs. This pair of leggings by Cosmolle has cutouts on the bottom, so there is an interesting fact. 

Beyond Body Type: Other Things to Think About 

When picking out the right pair of leggings, body type is a good place to start, but there are other things to think about, too:

  • Level of Activity

Leggings with strong tightness and squat-proof material are needed for high-impact workouts like running or HIIT to keep everything in place. For yoga or Pilates, which are low-impact exercises, you might want a fabric that is softer, more breathable, and doesn’t compress as much. 

  • Length 

They can be ankle-length, short, or even capri-length. Pick a length that looks good on you and fits your personal style. Petite women might like cropped or capri styles so that they don’t make their bodies look too big, while bigger women can feel good wearing full-length leggings. 

  • Fabric and Features

You’ve to be careful about choosing fabrics that are breathable. These fabrics include nylon and polyester blends. Cosmolle has leggings designed in these fabrics. In addition, try purchasing leggings with locked seams because they promise protection from chafing. 

In the few bullets below, we are sharing some additional tips to get you started!

  • You should get multiple sizes to try at home. Once you are sure about the size that fits, you can return the other ones. 
  • Always ask for help. For instance, people in activewear shops and websites will have support agents who are trained to help you. You can let them know the concerns that you’ve and they will find the leggings that suit your body.
  • Lastly, always choose quality. The leggings should have strong stitching, and the materials must be durable. Remember that these leggings might be expensive, but it will be worth it. 

The bottom line is that choosing the best activewear leggings might seem like a challenging task. However, we are sure that this guide provided you with enough information to shop for yoga sets and leggings that complement your body!

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