Four Everyday Hairstyles Using Zala Hair Extensions

Four Everyday Hairstyles Using Zala Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a popular way for women to wear longer & fuller hair and to try new styles. Hair extensions could be the perfect solution if you’re dreaming of adding length or volume. Whether you prefer a subtle look or something more eye-catching, there are plenty of ways to incorporate extensions into your routine.

You may have come across Zala Hair Extensions while searching for the best online websites to buy extensions. The brand is known for producing high-quality Remy hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your hair and look entirely natural. Using Zala Hair Extensions, you can transform your look and try the new styles you were meant to rock.

While the possibilities are endless, here are a few styles to inspire you.  

1. Mermaid Waves

With their ethereal, windswept look, mermaid waves are one of the most popular styles trending right now. They suit most hair types and textures; whether your hair is thin, thick, curly, straight, or wavy, you can wear some variation of mermaid waves. With that in mind, this style does tend to look best on medium to long hair. 

Don’t worry if your hair lacks length because you can still pull off the gorgeous mermaid waves with Zala Hair Extensions to create your desired effect. First, apply your hair extensions and a heat protectant to your natural hair and the extensions. 

Next, create semi-wide portions of your hair and hold your mermaid waver for several seconds on each piece. While working on each section, glide the waver carefully down your hair. Be sure to stop an inch from the end of the hair shaft for a more natural look. Spritz texturizing spray on your hair, shake your head, and voila – you have mermaid waves.

2. Low Ponytail 

A low ponytail using Zala hair extensions is a practical way to wear your hair in style without spending much time. Even though this style is easy to pull off, it can instantly make you look put together. A set of extensions will help take a limp pony to long and voluminous.

Wear your hair extensions as you usually do and pull your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Put an elastic around the ponytail, remove a small hair section from the pony, and cloak it around the base to conceal the elastic band.

Tease the hair at your crown a bit, gently pulling your locks up for extra volume. Leave some hair pieces on both sides of your face for a flattering face frame. Spritz a texturizing spray on your low ponytail, and you’re good to go! 

3. Twists

Twists are always trendy and fun. Plus, you can pull off the twisted hairstyle in minutes, which is why they’re among the most popular styles. But twists are hard to achieve when your hair lacks length, and they tend to fall flat when your hair is thin. This is where hair extensions come in!

You can use hair extensions to make your twisted hairstyle look gorgeous, bouncy, long, and voluminous. Since the look is versatile, you can opt to wear your twists neat and sleek or slightly undone.

Install your hair extensions and curl your locks to achieve your desired effect. Take two small hair portions from the front, twist them, and pull them to the rear of your head, where they intersect. 

You’re free to create braided twists or just work with the portions you made. Plus, you can twist the sections at the back of your head however you want; bind them into a ponytail, braid them, or let the twists flow down for a bohemian vibe.  

4. Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is a versatile way to style your hair, but it has even more of a wow factor with thick hair. If your hair is on the thin side, don’t fret because you can achieve your desired volume with Zala human hair extensions. 

Once you’ve installed your hair extensions, section a small square of hair, begin with a middle-parted hair and remove any tangles. Take three small hair pieces at your hairline and get braiding, with the piece on the right going under the central section and then the piece on the left going under the midsection. 

As you arrive at the nape of your beck, start creating your regular braids. Finally, put a hair tie around your Dutch braid, and there you are, ready to rock a gorgeous style.

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