How To Make Fashion Fun For The Whole Family

It is not often that you can manage to get your kids to wear the same item of clothing as you. They often stray away from what you were or ask them to wear. It’s a natural sign of growing up and the child finding their independence. But, for family events such as holidays or an occasion, there are a few ways you can make fashion fun for the whole family. 

Group T-Shirts

The easiest way to get your whole family to wear a matching item is through shirts. Everyone loves a basic tee with a fun pattern or logo on it, so using a celebrational occasion to entice all members to wear the same shirt is a fun idea.

You could get yourself and your kids st Patricks day shirts that match to celebrate the holiday. Or, you could get matching t-shirts for a holiday activity such as sightseeing or sports. Encouraging your children to get involved with group t-shirts is a way to make them realize fashion is fun and should not be taken too seriously. 

How To Make Fashion Fun For The Whole Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Most people love an accessory, youthful or elderly. Whether it is a hat, gloves, jewelry, or sunglasses, there is always something to align with everyone’s preferences. Accessorizing outfits for your children can be made fun and made to match by using similar colors and patterns. 

Similar, to the t-shirt idea, you could buy the family something similar to wear for a particular occasion or event. For family trips, hats are a great idea as they suit all conditions. If you are heading to an event, matching jewelry or dress-up items is an easy way to make family fashion fun.


How To Make Fashion Fun For The Whole Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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If your child wants an item of clothing different from the rest of his friends, or the family, then personalizing or making your own items is a creative option. You can DIY anything from accessories to garments

Adding cool designs to a top or pair of jeans is a simple way to make a current fashion garment unique to you. Or, making crochet tops, hats, and accessories is a creative technique to improve your skills and make something that nobody else owns.

Have A Catwalk

It can be easy for people to get stuck in the same cycle of fashion trends or ideas. Encouraging your children, as well as the rest of the family, to be creative and unique with their fashion choices is a great way to help them make fashion fun. A catwalk of new clothes, or styling clothes from a current wardrobe, is a good way to increase confidence. After all, fashion is there to experiment and have fun with. Reassuring your children at a young age that fun should be fun and personable will help them feel more comfortable and open with their fashion choices. 

Encourage the family to have fun with their fashion ideas. Wearing the same garments does not need to be uncool. T-shirts and accessories are a fun idea to add and take away memories from family events. Or, getting creative with your own fashion shows and DIY projects is a simple way of being experimental with fashion. 

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