Best Celebrity Street Style

v-neckline-knot-front-double-wearing-design-grey-dressThere are a lot of celebrities that have their own distinct styles. I love some of their outrageous fashion but unfortunately I would not have the courage to wear what they consider high fashion. I have found myself looking at watching what celebrities wear and I often wonder how they can look great in almost all of their photos. But that aside I do not want to look like Lady Gaga either. There is really not one celebrity that I admire for their street style, because I like so many. But I do have to say that Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba are at the top of that list. The Kardashians/Jenner Clan will also be on that list as well. But I have to admit that I love the style that pop singer Pink has as well. I love how she has the courage to wear what she wants and say what she wants without a second thought to what others think. Man I wish I had that kind of confidence. Now there are some celebrities that every once in a while wear something that makes me stop and say wow that is an awesome outfit. So who is on your list for best celebrity street style?

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