Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas

Holiday Decoration

The crazy thing about holiday decoration storage is that it gets harder every year. For Christmas especially friends, family members, and neighbors realize that you have a lot of decorations so they think it’s a passion and thus ‘gift’ you more of them. While the thought is nice, the practicality means that’s just an extra few items to cram into a tote that is already bursting like our pants buttons after all the holiday feasts – perhaps the best gift would be more totes!

So we’re left with about three options – 1) start a family reunion website that says “NO MORE DECORATION GIFTS” to get the message to everybody, 2) pawn, sell, or trash your loved ones thoughtful presents, or 3) think of some creative ways to store these heartfelt items. For the sake of argument, let’s take the third route:

Reeled Light Storage

There are three main reasons for proper holiday decoration storage which are – 1) to save space, 2) to protect the items, and 3) to make decorating next season much easier. Storing lights the traditional way of rolling them up into a tangled ball of chaos is problematic towards all three storage goals so it’s much more convenient to purchase a wind up reel similar to how you’d store a garden hose. An inexpensive alternative is coffee cans as well.

ornament storage box

Ornament Storage Boxes

Storing ornaments in boxes with slotted separated partitions saves room overall in the container but also prevents decorations from bashing into each other. You’d hate to log onto the family website or social media page and tell your relatives that the priceless relics from holidays past are nothing more than shards now.

clothes hanger wreath storage

Clothes Hanger Wreath Storage

Wreaths can be awkward to store as they either take up too much space or become flattened and damaged. An interesting way to keep them in great shape for next year is by fastening them to a clothes hanger and keeping them in a closet.

artifical tree storage bag

Artificial Tree Storage Bag

A storage bag is a much better option to protect your tree in the off season, especially if stored in a basement or stacked upon.

clear storage box

Clear, Stackable, Holiday Storage Boxes

The name of the game in putting away holiday decorations is vertical storage which is what makes stackable totes arguably the best method of ornament containment. With clear boxes you can tell whether the contents are indoor/outdoor, tree, holiday village, etc. and they can be unpacked accordingly.

Hanging Storage

Christmas decorations are interesting because they are usually the most abundant of any holiday in terms of size of your collection but also still only used for about a month. This is what creates frustration for many people as they have to dodge and work around the decorations for the other 11 months of the year. The ultimate solution is finding some sort of hanging storage for you Christmas items so they can be placed up in the air, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ so to speak.

Decorating for the holidays is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. Use these storage ideas for convenience both now and next year and to make sure your expanding collection stays safe – because you know your guests are going to be looking to see where you stored their holiday dolphin gift from Christmas ’87.

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