5 Ways to Get Rid of Pests at Home

5 Ways to Get Rid of Pests at Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Don’t you just hate when the bed bugs bite? If you’ve fallen victim to having pests inside the house, you know how it feels to listen to them squeaking at midnight. Just when you’re about to sleep after the day is done, they decide to show up! We bring forth a few tips to make this all go away. For all the moms who require noiseless sleep at night, getting rid of pests is mandatory. Follow these simple tips, and don’t let them bite you again.

1. Eliminate Standing Water

Common household pests such as mosquitoes breed in standing water. You must eliminate all possibilities of standing water inside the house. You might want to rethink if you store water in tubs and buckets. Avoid stagnant water in the kitchen in front of the fridge and freezer, or otherwise, too.

2. Remove Litter

If you keep the garbage outside the house in bags, you must stop doing so. Flies are attracted to soil and waste. They lay eggs in the garbage. Therefore, any kind of garbage or litter outside the house needs to be avoided. Whether in shopping or paper bags, they need to be far from home. Sometimes we keep fruit peels inside the kitchen dustbins. All such habits need to be eliminated if the house is to stay fly-free.

3. Seal Openings

In all houses, there are certain wall and window openings. These openings attract common pests that smell food and drinks inside the house. All such openings can be easily closed using retractable window flyscreens or duct tape. Using a fly screen is definitely a great way to ensure you don’t let any of those pests in, and using duct tape a simple and cheap solution to wall openings too, but it also helps prevent airflow.  It acts as an airtight concealer of any hole, breakage, or opening inside the walls and doors.

4. Steam Cleaners

If you’re done with preventive methods, you should now move on to extermination methods for the existing pests. The existing bed bugs or other pests inside our rooms must be ridden immediately. The longer they sustain, the stronger they get. Using steam cleaners to exterminate them is a hassle-free process for cleanliness. All you have to do is use your steam cleaner on your bed, couches, and furniture to avoid any pest life sustaining on either of the mediums.

You will notice that the steam will provide the necessary heat to kill tiny pests that have been hiding in your bed sheets or furniture carvings. These pests are otherwise difficult to detect as they hide inside little spaces of cloth, wood, or paint. Steam cleaners provide the necessary heat to kill and draw those pests right out!

5. Pesticides and Insecticides

No matter what your cleaning and exterminating method are, you must always use a synthetic pesticide to completely withdraw pests from sustaining inside your house. To save your favorite linens and carved furniture, it is important to make pesticides a part of your cleaning routine. After sweeping and mopping the floor, you must always spray a little pesticide in the corner of the walls and cupboards. Those are the areas where these nasty creatures usually reside!

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