Grocery Store Tips

Last year, 80% of Americans saved over $3 billion total by using coupons. Want to get in on the savings? Start with these grocery-store tips that will help you become a smarter shopper:

  1. Don’t leave the house without a list of what you need—and make sure you stick to it! This will keep impulse buys in check.
  2. Food never looks as good as it does when you’re hungry, so be sure you go grocery shopping on a full stomach.
  3. Find and clip coupons in newspapers, magazines, in your mailbox, on the backs of your receipts, or attached to some of your favorite products.
  4. Stock up when you see an item you know you’ll need on sale (as long as it won’t go bad, of course!).
  5. Buy produce that’s locally sourced and in season. It will be fresher and cheaper than produce that has to be shipped across the country.

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