Here are some suggestions to get you up and moving( I know if you are anything like me I need a reason to exercise):

  • Crank up your stereo or CD player with good “moving” music. Choose something with a nice, fast beat to get you going.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and good athletic shoes. Dress as you were going to the gym.
  • Establish a time limit and try to accomplish an aggressive housekeeping task in that period. For example, strive to mop the kitchen floor , vacuum the house, and complete two loads of laundry before nine o’clock.
  • Work those muscle groups. Don’t necessarily try to save energy or do things the easiest way. If you have to go upstairs- run. Folding laundry? Don’t sit in front of the TV and fold while your favorite show is on. Dump the clothes on the kitchen table, stand as you fold, and try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Mopping the floor??? Work those muscles. Build a sweat. You might even want to consider strapping weights on your wrists and ankles as you work.
  • Create a regimen that reinforces the idea that you are doing these activities to exercise your body as well as to enhance your home. Begin with some warm-up stretches. Stop when your “time limit” is up. Unwind with some cool-down stretches. Reward yourself with a cold drink or hot shower or both.

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