Dress Your Guy in Style



If your husband is like mine, he never spends time shopping for clothes. He is never happier than when he is rocking his John Deere uniform. Yep ladies there is nothing sexier than a black uniform with a green Deere on it. No seriously even when he is not working he still gets up and put that uniform even on the days he does not work. He hates to shop. The only time he does shop is when his clothes are so full of holes that he cannot wear them anymore. So here is some tips to dress your guy in style.

The first tip is find colors that complement your man’s coloring. I have found that Raul looks best in plum, and darker colors.

The second tip is finding a brand of jeans that they like and buy several pairs in different colors.

Shoes need to be comfortable and yet can be used for a casual or dressed up occasion.

Also another great tip that I have found that your man is comfortable in what they wear, they will have the confidence to rock any look you may pick out for him to wear. Now I have a confession to make, getting Raul out of his uniforms are one of the reasons for our many date nights.

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