Great Gifts for Technology Lovers


shop 3In the past I have given suggestions for gifts to give, but what do you give the person who is in love with technology.  Here is a list of suggestions for that technology lover in your life.


  • SD Cards- Just about everything used one of these. I know I feel my SD cards up and having an extra on hand I am sure not to miss a picture.
  • Virus Protection- consider buying them a year’s worth of virus protection for their computer.
  • Earphones (ear buds) – My girls go through so many of these within a year’s time. Because of the sensitive nature of the wiring inside- it would be a smart gift.
  • Gift Cards to iTunes or any retailer that sells technology items so that can pick what they would like.
  • Extra Rechargeable batteries- I know with my wireless mouse, I am at a loss when the batteries inside die.
  • Charger for rechargeable batteries- Think about how much money they will be saving not to have to replace their batteries every again.
  • Flash Drives- One cannot have enough flash drives. This allows for the person to take their work mobile without carrying their heavy laptop around.
  • Screen Cleaners, a can of air and cleaning brushes and cloths for computers would make a great gift as well.


All of the above gifts can be combined into a basket to make a wonderful gift for the technology lover in your life. The size of the gift just depends on how much you are willing to pay but most of these items are $25.

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