A Day At The Waterpark

AFM Waterpark 1Recently we had the chance to visit a watermark that is located in the town next to ours. The Lions Water Adventure Park in Kinston NC is a very worthwhile place to visit. One is because the park was created by donations given by the Lions Clubs in the area. If you are unfamiliar with at the lions club, they are an organization that assists those who are legally blind. My dad is a member and our whole family are big supporters of the Lions Club. You see my paternal grandmothers was legally blind. She was such an inspiration to me.

AFM Waterpark 2


So onto the water park adventure, we arrived to a packed parking lot but there were some workers from the local community center out directing us to empty spots. How cool is that? The price is quite responsible as well $9.95 per person. I did not venture into the water but my girls did. I sat back and relaxed in the many lounge chairs that are provided. There are several different parts to the park. There was a pool just for swimming, a children’s playground with sprinklers, slides and a wading pool, and then there was a grown up part with a lazy river and two watersides. There was also a sandy volleyball court if you want to play. They also have a snack bar, dressing rooms and lockers on site as well.

AFM Waterpark 3


My girls had a fun day at the water park and they would definitely go back again, in fact they did.  A couple of Saturday nights ago, my girls attended a function there for the Lions club. They said it was fun then as well. In fact, they said the lifeguards were cuter at this event Lol. Teenage girls can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

AFM Waterpark 4

So if you are looking for a great place for family fun that contributes to an awesome cause, consider going to the Lions Adventure Waterpark. They are also a great place to hold parties as well.

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