Fun Mother-Daughter Activities To Try

Fun Mother-Daughter Activities To Try from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Y’all, it’s pretty hard to get some good mother-daughter bonding time in, especially with so many regular summer and fall activities closed temporarily. I know my daughter’s interests seem to change daily, so it can feel impossible to find things to do together that she doesn’t think are “lame.” I’m sure I’m not the only mama who’s feeling this way. Check out these fun mother-daughter activities to try that work for different personalities.

For the Girlie Girls: A Fashion Adventure

For all those mamas of girlie girls out there, you know it can be tough to predict what’s fun and what’s not for your little princess. When my daughter was little, she loved playing dress-up, so as she aged, we transformed this into our own makeshift fashion contest. Here’s how it works: Mamas should pick out an outfit for their daughters, and vice versa. After you both have your outfits on, do a mini photoshoot of one another. Compare your pictures, and give each outfit a rating! Tally up the points and decide who wins the fashion contest. I always liked to gift my daughter a hand-me-down from my closet when she would win the contest.

For the DIY-Diva: Make Your Own Spa Products

For your own little miss independent, you can create a DIY spa day. Make all your own products together by looking up recipes and experimenting with new things. With the help of tutorials on the internet, you can learn how to make flavored lip scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, scented sprays, and more! Most of these things are easy to make with just the stuff you have lying around the house. After we’d finish making our own spa treats, we’d pick one to enjoy—my personal favorite is the lip scrub, as it’s one that we could use together, and it was easy to clean up!

For the Sporty Sis: Create Your Own Game

For the outdoor-loving, sporty kid, making up your own sport is a fun mother-daughter activity to try. We used to play a mix of basketball and soccer, where we meshed the rules from each and had to shoot baskets without touching the ball with our hands—and yes, it’s as tough as it sounds! Gather your sporty supplies, and come up with rules and objectives to your very own mother-daughter game. This is a great way to bond while getting in some sun time and exercise!

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