Choosing Just the Right Horse

Choosing Just the Right Horse from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

What is the perfect birthday surprise for a little girl? It is a horse, of course. While everyone is aware of the timeless truth that girls love ponies, it is also the case that horses are not just for little girls. People of all ages and stations in life enjoy the beauty, spirit, and unique grace expressed only by horses. Many folks dream of owning a horse and, as they reflect on the possibility, find to their surprise their dreams can become realities. To help breathe life into those visions, here are three things to consider when preparing to purchase a horse to make sure you are getting the right horse for your family.

Know the Horse

To match the right horse with your personal intentions, you must be thoroughly aware of the specifics about any animal you evaluate. Here are some essential questions to ask:

  • What is the age and health history of this horse? Horses typically retire from saddle duty by age 25, so a horse older than 20 has a limited number of years to share the trail with you.
  • Can I insure this horse? Whether you want to buy a Shetland Pony or a Clydesdale, horses can be financially significant purchases, and insuring them is an important consideration. In the same vein, it is good to know the best horse insurance companies.
  • What sort of training and history does this horse possess? It is easy to forget that horses learn specific tasks and vary in their abilities. Trainers and past owners should be able and willing to share this information.

Know Yourself

Before you can choose the most appropriate horse, you must be clear about your intentions. Will this actually be for a little girl who wants a pretty pony or instead for the businessperson who yearns to escape urban life through weekend trail rides? Perhaps you are a conservationist who wants to adopt a retired thoroughbred or you aspire to show American Standardbreds. Horses fill a multitude of different roles in our lives. Exploring the many possible ways human beings interact with horses may stir new ideas within you and help you focus on what sort of horse matches your ideals.

Know Your Plan

As you prepare to purchase your new equine companion, You should consider not only the financial requirements you will face, such as the cost of the stable, veterinarian, and grooming fees, but also how often you will be able to interact with your horse and what you will be doing together. This is a matter of being fair to the horse, who will want to feel it belongs to you and not to a steward who feeds it daily. It is also about being true to yourself. You will discover that spending your leisure time with your horse creates a lifelong bond of serenity.

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