Finding the Perfect Car for Your Frugal Family

Finding the Perfect Car for Your Frugal Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

With the continued growth of the internet, it is now the case that 59% of consumers research online before purchasing a vehicle. This can help you to find the absolute cheapest price for a vehicle and quickly put together a list of cars, their purchase price, fuel efficiency, and insurance costs. Doing this research before heading to a used car dealership can ensure you aren’t overcharged when looking for the perfect vehicle to transport your whole family.

SUV, MPV, or Estate?

Family cars need to be able to fit everyone comfortably, but consider if you need the biggest car on the market. Americans can be quick to go straight for SUVs, but this is rarely the cheapest option. An MPV, or people carrier, can carry the same number of people just as comfortably. When it comes to assessing the cost of the car, however, many MPVs will offer considerable savings.

Then there are also hatchbacks and estate cars. The hatchback, which is smaller, is good for very young children. You also benefit from the wide trunk door, for loading shopping and suitcases for that family vacation. However, consider where your children will be in a few years. Buying a new car every few years isn’t a frugal option, so consider buying a larger car now for long-term savings.

Put Safety First

It might seem obvious that safety is paramount when selecting a car for your family, but everyone is drawn to good-looking vehicles. Unfortunately, attractive cars tend to cost more, so the frugal car buyer should take this out of the equation completely. Safety is one area not to cut costs on, so give up some other luxuries for good safety features.

For example, can the airbag be switched off? Fitting a child seat next to an airbag can be dangerous in an accident, so this needs to be able to be disabled before you set off. There are plenty of information online ranking cars in terms of safety. Buy the cheapest, yet safest, car by ignoring less important features.

Always Buy Used

Cars depreciate in value so fast that it’s almost never worth it to buy a new car. By the time you drive that vehicle away from the dealership, it has lost value. If you buy a used car that is only a couple of years old, it will be almost as good as a new car at a fraction of the price.

It is becoming increasingly common for car dealers to offer finance on new cars. This can make a vehicle seem affordable by allowing the buyer to pay monthly. While this might seem like a good offer, you’ll be charged interest, meaning that it will be costing you more overall. Raising a family is expensive enough, so keep automotive costs down by always buying used and by keeping them properly maintained.

Securing a vehicle with less-than-ideal credit often leads individuals to explore options like bad credit car finance manchester. This type of financing acknowledges the challenges some buyers face and offers a potential avenue for obtaining a car despite credit hurdles. While it’s essential to carefully consider the terms and conditions associated with such financing, exploring these options can be a pragmatic approach for those navigating the complexities of purchasing a car with less-than-perfect credit in the Manchester area.

The car is one of the biggest costs in the family budget. Finding something cheap that can comfortably fit your entire family and keep them safe can be a challenge. Consider downsizing, putting luxury considerations aside, and buying used for the best deal.

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