Fall Party Any One

As usual Gracie hosted  a little get together for her friends to celebrate the Fall Season and Halloween there are some new faces in the mix but also some old. This was held the weekend before Gracie spent time in the hospital.
Matti  ( who is a regular at our house) and a new friend Frankie playing fighting pumpkins.

Matti with the mask she made at the party. She was trying to be a scary witch.

The five girls who attended the party. They decorated their pumpkins with duct tape.

Here is another picture. Two of them were having off days.

Irena in her Witch Mask.

SAriah being SAriah.

Irena finally got a smile out of her.
The next to pictures I have to say were the girls’ idea. Matti was trying to tell a ghost story and SAriah would not be quiet so they decided to put the duct tape to use. But it did not stop SAriah one bit.

She is working that Zebra Print Duct Tape.

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