Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Toddler

Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Toddler from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As your children grow up, their needs change drastically. They’ll begin to ask for what they want, disagree with you, and tell you they love you, all of which cause very different emotions for you. If you’re about to raise a toddler, here’s what you need to know.

Their diet is important and they like to feed themselves.

Your toddler will grow a lot during the first few years of his or her life. What he or she eats should always be on your mind and it’s a little more complicated than what you give an infant. Your toddler should be eating a balanced diet from a variety of food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, and milk. Depending on her age, your child should be consuming two servings of milk, two to four servings of protein, and one and a half servings each of fruits and veggies.

A typical breakfast for a toddler might be cereal with milk, yogurt, and a serving of fruit. What your kids eat will determine the nutrients they get, so you can add daily multivitamins for toddlers to the routine if they’re picky eaters or can’t sit still long enough for a full meal. A high-quality multivitamin will provide your kids with all the essential vitamins and nutrients they need without the added sugar of some other supplements.

Around age two your child will also start to want to feed himself or herself. You might hate the mess, but this is an important step in his or her development. Encourage self-feeding and ask your child what he or she wants to eat. The answer might always be cake, but if you provide your kid with a choice, such as “Do you want a banana or a strawberry?” he or she will learn to take ownership of mealtimes.

You’ll want to take plenty of pictures.

Toddlers are particularly cute. They can hold a conversation with you and their facial features are just adorable. Around age 4 and a half, children begin to lose these features, so enjoy this cuteness while you can. You can engage in more activities with your toddler, which creates excellent photo opportunities. Just try to not snap a picture while you’re on a hayride or water slide.

Since you’ll be taking plenty of pictures, make sure you have online picture storage to keep them safe. This is the best way to ensure your photos are backed up. Just download the mobile app and your camera roll, social media, and cloud pictures will save. Then you can choose who to share them with, like the proud grandparents. You’ll have peace of mind that all your amazing pictures are saved and you can use those photos to make a great scrapbook of your child’s younger years. If you’re going to take all the pictures, you may as well put them to good use.

Create opportunities for play, even when you’re exhausted.

Playing is more important than you might think. As your young child plays, he or she learns how to make sense of the world. Playing with toys can increase your kid’s spatial awareness, imagination, and physical strength. The more she throws a ball, the more her coordination will improve. The more he plays pretend, the more his mind will develop and grow. If you want to raise healthy children, pediatricians recommend they engage in play every single day.

Give your kid toys to play with when it’s raining and take him or her outside when it’s sunny. Embrace your child’s imagination, even when you might lack the energy to do anything. Toddlers need to play frequently, so do what you can to encourage it.

Being the parent of a toddler can be exhausting. You’re trying to foster independence in your child while also keeping the house clean. It’s not an easy task. Remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can and be sure to document this special time in his or her life. Science says your kid isn’t getting any cuter!

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