Enjoying the Simple Things {Weekend Wonders}

Enjoying the Simple Things

Another week has come and gone, and y’all know what that means!! Here comes another edition of weekend wonders, you know, the little things that made me smile this week. So here are this week’s wonders, or as I like to call them, Enjoying the Simple Things. ( You will see why if you keep reading.)

Enjoying the Simple Things

A Newly Washed Car

My car has needed to be washed for a while now, but I have been too busy or too sick to get it done. But this past weekend, “Mali” the Malibu got treated to a wash. ( Mind you, right now, it doesn’t look like she did because I have little pawprints all over it. Our outside cats love my car.

Enjoying the Simple Things


Pennies are probably the most overlooked and underappreciated type of currency in the United States. But to me, they are something dear. Whenever I visit the graves of my dad and my sister, I always leave a penny on their tombstone. It is a simple way to respect them, and I always make sure I have some in my car because you never know when an impromptu visit may occur. And you know the old saying ” A Penny for Your Thoughts”. They are never far from my thoughts. I always take the penny and place it on top of their tombstone and then place a kiss on it with my hand. It is my way of honoring them.

Enjoying the Simple Things

Flowers and Angels

I am putting these two together because every time I walk into the blog cabin to work, I see my planter full of pansies and violas, and I smile. I love the fall when I can plant these beauties. But then my eyes hit the two angels. The little one I bought a while back when I was shopping at Dollar General. I got two at the time. One which sits in this planter right outside my office door, and the other sits on Karen, my other sister’s grave.

Note: This is a different sister from the penny mentioned in the above wonder. Every time I see that angel, I smile.

And then there is the bigger angel that a dear friend gifted me after the recent death of my oldest sister.

Enjoying the Simple Things

Judging at the State Fair

Y’all, I got to judge a cooking competition at the North Carolina State Fair. It was so much fun, and I would so do it again if asked. After judging the competition, Gracie and I took in the fair, which brings me to my next wonder.

Enjoying the Simple Things


I freaking love cows. And seeing some at the state fair was just the icing on top of an amazing day at the fair. PS I hope to one day own a cow of my own.

So you can see now why I called this edition of weekend wonders- enjoying the simple things. Tell me, what made you smile this week?

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