Eco-bags: What are They and What are They Made of

Eco-bags- what are they and what are they made of from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Almost every brand offers to buy comfortable and stylish eco-bags. We are intrigued by all sorts of slogans about ecology and the dangers of synthetics. Of course, we understand that plastic bags cause irreparable harm to the environment. Many consumers have been actively purchasing modern custom canvas tote bags for many years. However, not all manufacturers create products from natural fabrics. So, what is hiding under the pompous name “eco”? And how to choose high-quality custom canvas bags made from materials that are safe for humans and the environment?

What is an eco-bag and what are its advantages?

Often, such an accessory is sewn from natural linen, mainly from cotton and linen. The cut is simple: two rectangles are cut out of the fabric, the segments are tucked in and connected. It turns out to be an ordinary bag, to which long handles are sewn. Some craftswomen add sides and a bottom, which they diligently strengthen with additional stitches or backing. This model comes out more capacious, capable of withstanding significant weight. The main thing is that the threads and fabric are strong enough.

At the same time, there is no need to wash a plastic bag: it costs a penny, so you can immediately throw it away and buy a new one. This is where its benefits end. In what way is a convenient bag inferior to custom canvas tote bags?

  1. Aesthetics

Looks chic with both print and other decor that you can sew on and stick on yourself. It can be rhinestones, stripes, fringes, fur inserts.

  1. Style

The custom canvas bags come in different sizes and designs, for example, rectangular, square, trapezoidal. You can easily find the best option for your stylish look.

  1. Appearance

If the accessory is folded neatly, the fabric will not wrinkle very much. As a last resort, the original print will hide the folds.


You can sew the bag at home, purchase a finished product in the online store and additionally decorate it with rhinestones. It’s easy to create your own print and order an accessory with a fancy image. Don’t be overly humble: tell others about your merits, life motto or hobby!

  1. Saving

The product is durable enough, so it will last for a year. Of course, if you take care of it and use it carefully.

  1. Functionality and convenience

Bags are created in all kinds of models, even with pockets for small things. You will have enough space to put your wallet, mobile phone and keys.

  1. Strength

Textiles will not tear if you put a folder with sharp corners, construction tools and other goods.


Eco-bags are an opportunity to improve the ecology of the entire planet. When burned, natural tissue does not emit substances hazardous to humans, it “dissolves” in the ground without a trace and in just a few months, while fertilizing the soil with organic matter.

Don’t forget that custom canvas bags are effective promotional items that will significantly increase the sales of your products.  

Before choosing the best bag, think about what you will put there and what clothes to combine with. Going to the beach? Make sure you clean it off the sand without any problems and dry it after a wet towel.

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