Easy Tips To Make Your Baked Goods Even More Delicious

Easy Tips To Make Your Baked Goods Even More Delicious

If you know me, you know I love whipping up tasty homemade baked goods. But I wasn’t always great at baking; learning what works and what doesn’t has taken quite some time. I now follow a few rules to make sure my pastries come out just right every time. Follow my secret tips to make your baked goods even more delicious!

Avoid Substitutions

Listen up, y’all. It may be tempting to go on Pinterest and look up all the different ingredient substitutions you can make, but the truth is: there are no suitable substitutes for staple ingredients such as flour, butter, and eggs. It’s as simple as that! Sure, you can substitute lemon zest for orange zest and make other minor changes that won’t alter the taste, but otherwise, stick to the recipe as much as you can!

Measure Accurately

When you’re measuring your specific ingredients, try to be as careful as possible. The first thing you want to do is use the right equipment. For example, if you’re measuring liquid, place a measuring cup on a flat surface and slowly pour the liquid until it reaches the right amount.

When measuring dry ingredients such as flour and sugar, use flat-cup measurement tools. An excellent way to make sure you have the right amount is to run the back of a butter knife across the surface to level the ingredient.

Invest in Quality Tools

Often, when we hand-mix our ingredients, we miss certain pockets. Mixing ingredients by hand may look fun, but it ain’t as fun as it seems, y’all. It’s hard work! This is where a quality electric mixer comes in. I love using a high-quality mixer to help with the labor. This ensures my ingredients are properly mixed and ready for baking.

Butter Pans Properly

Properly buttering or greasing your pan will prevent any part of the food from sticking to the pan when you pull it out of the oven. Nothing is worse than making a great-looking baked good only for half of it to stick to the pan!

Mix It Up

A great way to make sure your baked goods come out great every time is to switch up the foods you bake! If you’re known for your famous pumpkin pie, try making a pecan pie. Baking with different ingredients can also increase your skills in the kitchen because different ingredients demand specific processes that will only help you grow as a baker.

To have fun in the kitchen and make something you’re proud of (and your family can gobble up), be sure to follow the above easy tips to make your baked goods even more delicious!

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