3 Gluten-Free Recipes to Try During Self-Isolation

3 Gluten-Free Recipes to Try During Self-Isolation from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Y’all, I’ve never had this much free time before. I’m taking walks when I can; I even started planting a garden in my yard. Sadly, I still find myself venturing into the kitchen when I’m bored. A few weeks ago, while I was in there eating a snack, I decided to brush up on my cooking skills. I didn’t want to make the same old grilled chicken with mashed potatoes, though. Instead, I wanted to spice things up and go gluten-free. Here are three gluten-free recipes to try during self-isolation if you’re looking for something to do.

Gluten-Free Banana Bread

The entire country is making banana bread right now. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a gluten-free version of this beloved dish. It was actually difficult to choose just one of the gluten-free recipes because there were endless options online. Once I chose one that I wanted to bake, I ordered the ingredients online. I bought gluten-free flour, eggs, dairy-free butter, and of course, bananas. After I had all the ingredients, I waited until the next day to start baking. That way, the bananas could ripen as they should. On the morning of the big day, I took out my measuring cups and got to baking. I have to say, it wasn’t bad for my first try! My husband and kids ate the entire thing in a matter of hours.

Taco Tomatoes

I wish every day were Taco Tuesday, y’all. However, tacos aren’t the healthiest meal in the world. Another gluten-free recipe to try during self-isolation is a taco tomato. This is the perfect dinner option for anyone cutting out carbs. Essentially, instead of a taco shell, you build a taco inside a tomato! All you need is ground beef, tomatoes, and any other toppings you love to put on your tacos. Simply cook the meat, slice the tomato in six ways so that it opens like a flower, and enjoy. My family loved this dinner! They want to do it every Tuesday.

Fudgy Gluten-Free Nutmeg Spiced Brownies

People who follow a gluten-free diet can still enjoy dessert. You don’t have to sacrifice your sweet tooth, y’all. I wanted to prove this point, so I decided to make fudgy gluten-free nutmeg spiced brownies. These treats are so scrumptious; my mouth is watering just thinking about them! You’ll need dark chocolate chips, sugar, butter, eggs, gluten-free flour, cocoa powder, nutmeg, and salt. See if you can have these ingredients delivered so that you can avoid going to the grocery store. Once you have everything you need, the rest is relatively simple. The best thing about this recipe is that it only takes 35 minutes to make. That means you won’t have to wait hours for your chocolate fix.

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