Do you love to bake?


Baking is second nature to me. I love to bake. You can look in my pantry right now and you will see tons of baking mixes. I love to shop the buy one get one free deals at our local supermarket. I admit that I am addicted to those deals. By shopping those deals I always have a stocked pantry for baking. If your supermarket does not offer those kinds of deals, there are still several things that you do to make sure your pantry is stocked when you are in the baking mood. First, clip those coupons. Coupons will allow you to get more for your money. But here is a word of caution do not get caught up in the coupon craze because sometimes the store brands can be cheaper and are of the same quality. Also look for holiday items that are clearance to use in your baking. For example, red and green m&m’s are all the rage at Christmas time, but after Christmas you can find them really cheap. Sometimes you can use a coupon for a clearance baking item to get it even cheaper. Just remember that these items do have expiration dates so you should practice moderation when stocking up. Ask yourself do you really need 10 boxes of brownie mix? If the answer is no, then move on to the next deal.

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