4 Strategies for Increasing Your Cleveland Home’s Value

Every homeowner wants a house that has a high resale value. While factors like your neighborhood, finishing, property size and rooms primarily decide the value of your house, other factors like how you maintain the property also contribute to the overall price. Hence, to increase your home’s worth, you must proactively look after your space. If you live in Cleveland, in the state of Ohio, and you own a house here, your property has immense potential.

4 Strategies for Increasing Your Cleveland Home's Value

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Cleveland’s real estate market is highly competitive. This is because the houses here are highly affordable, with the median listing price being $115,000. For this reason, Cleveland is ranked as the number one best city in America to buy a house based on relative costs and national averages. 

So, if you want your home also to be listed favorably, here’s what you need to do:

1. Get the Windows Fixed

Windows play a significant role in your house’s value. Potential buyers care about factors like style, durability, and window functionality before purchasing a property. Some customers also care about features like energy efficiency and are willing to pay top dollar for houses with these traits.

The average return on investment for a new energy-efficient window is about 72%, so if you plan to replace your windows, consider this option. Likewise, aesthetics are equally important, so when picking out a window, you must carefully assess which type suits what room. For instance, most consumers prefer a kitchen with a sliding window to enhance ventilation and make it easy to open it when needed. Other options include a double-hung or an awning window.

When you’re ready to make changes, try not handling the windows alone; instead, connect with a local Cleveland window replacement company and work with these certified experts to replace every window effortlessly.

2. Find Your Green Fingers

The exterior of your house matters as much as the interior. No one likes purchasing a house with an unkempt property, so make sure you invest time into fixing the appearance outdoors. According to research by a blog, Home Light, a well-landscaped exterior can boost your home’s value between 1% and 5%. While you may not think it’s much, think about these numbers quantitatively, 1% of $100,000 is $1,000, which is still a good amount.

Therefore, get busy working on your outdoor space and make it a showstopper. Landscaping is hard work; you need to pull a weed from the grass, ensure it has plenty of fertilizer, and trim it down the minute it grows long. You will also need to redo your porch, ensure that your outdoor furniture isn’t broken, and, if required, paint the deck, door, and mailbox.

Make sure you clean up after yourself every time you visit your yard. Dedicate a space for all your gardening tools and hose. This keeps your yard tidy and prevents avoidable accidents like tripping over the pipe. Cleveland’s temperature suits growing flowers like petunia, pansies, and dahlia. These make your yard look enticing and add color to your landscape.

3. Remodel Your Kitchen

If you remodel your kitchen, you can expect a return of 30.7% to 85.7 investment on your new kitchen. You must touch up your kitchen as much as possible to maximize this amount. You can start by replacing the faucet in your kitchen and installing a tap from a premium brand that doesn’t drip or leak and allows you to wash your dishes without splashing water on yourself.

You should always ensure the sink is deep enough; if it is fitted in front of the window, check if there is enough gap between the window and the faucet so they don’t bump into each other. Likewise, you should replace all the hardware, like knobs and handles, with newer and shiner ones. If you’re looking for a recommendation, go for a chrome handle.

Furthermore, backsplashes also add value to your house. The section between your countertop and cabinet should also reflect your personality. Generally, you can go for a mosaic pattern, but other options like embossed ceramic, glass, and stone are also vastly popular. Your lighting can also use work; excellent lighting can make your kitchen look attractive.

While there are numerous options in the market, you should consider getting a recessed ceiling fixture that provides sufficient lighting over the kitchen. If you want to highlight the countertop and backsplash, install under-cabinet lighting. On the other hand, sinks, islands, and peninsulas look marvelous under the ceiling fixtures.

4. Convert Your House into a Smart Home

Potential homeowners prefer houses with pre-installed smart technology as it saves them the hassle of buying them. Consequently, this can increase the property value by 5%. There are numerous ways you can convert your house into a smart home. This includes getting smart lights installed in your house.

Most smart lights are Wi-Fi-enabled devices, meaning they can connect to your phone or any smart device immediately. These lights can also connect with smart assistants like Alexa. You can also control their brightness with your phone and turn off the light without being near the light source.

A smart thermostat can also transform your HVAC unit into another smart device. If you want your HVAC unit to sense the temperature of your environment and adjust accordingly, consider getting a smart thermostat. These devices also cut down your energy costs and keep your house cozy for you. Some thermostats, like the Eco Bee, come with voice control, which allows you to adjust your house’s temperature without a phone.

Smart smoke detectors also come under the same category. A smart smoke device will send an alarm to your phone and inform you if there is an alarming rate of smoke in your house. The detector will also notify any contact you have authorized about this impending danger, which keeps you and your family safe. Smart smoke devices send you alerts, such as when the battery charge is due and if your house has fire or smoke.

Final Thoughts

A house is an investment. Purchasing a valuable property for yourself can benefit you immensely, especially when you plan on selling your home. However, if you want to increase the money you can make, you may need to redo your house. Depending on how much return on investment you want to make, you can choose to renovate your home or add features like smart appliances into your home.

Therefore, if you want to make a big bank, try to go the extra mile in fixing up your house, but any adjustment you make to your home will profit you. So, start today, gauge what improvements you make around the house, and boost the resale value today!

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