Converting Nursery Into Kid’s / Junior Room

Converting Nursery into kids room

Not knowing exactly when it happened suddenly you saw your little baby became a full blown kid. Naturally, the same space that used to be nursery room for your baby now needs a makeover to suit playful wishes and needs. So you need to convert the nursery into a kids room. Obviously, the same furniture and decoration that used to be useful for the baby room need to be changed now. Do you have any idea about carrying on this conversion? Well, here we are going to introduce some time-tested tips to convert your baby nursery room into a kids room.


  • Change The Bed

Now that your little one is grown-up you need to provide more space on the bed. Instead of going for new toddler bed you can re-purpose the old bed by providing larger sheets pillows and blankets to supplement additional space for your kid. You can also buy a new cot bed and make it complete with new bedding accessories. In any case, the first thing that you need to pay your attention to is converting the bed to fit the size of your grown-up kid.

  • Allow More Floor Space

Your grown-up kids require more space to unleash their energetic movements and engage with their toys and playthings. Naturally, the same nursery room needs to offer more space for the kids moment and playful activities. Now you do not require a few pieces of furniture that was once essential for your little baby like the changing table. By doing away with this extra pieces of furniture you can create more floor space to accommodate the playful activities of your kid.

  • Multipurpose Furniture With Inbuilt Storage Is A Great Idea

As far as saving space is concerned there is nothing like using smart furniture pieces with inbuilt storage options. To create more space inside the same baby room you can also go for a complete nursery furniture sets with inbuilt smart storage. You can find all sorts of options like a baby bed with hidden and inbuilt storage small benches with hidden storage, multi-purpose table with hidden storage for toys and playthings, etc.  These smart furniture pieces allow you saving a lot of floor space without needing you to compromise with the usability and functions. Thanks to smart storage in kids furniture you can also ensure clearing the entire clatter of things and toys.


  • A Fresh Paint For Your Kids Room

This is the easiest and most invaluable way to give your kids room a complete makeover in look and feel. We all know that small babies find too vibrant colors disturbing for their senses. This is why happy and soothing colors are mostly preferred for a baby room. But when your little one is grown up to a kid you need to consider changing the color scheme of the room once again. If you find giving a fresh paint a little expensive you can rather opt for covering the walls with colorful papers. Typically for toddler rooms vibrant and energetic hues are most preferred.

  • Why Not Create A Wall Art In The Room?

Thinking of offering something unique and beautiful for your kid’s room I can’t go any further than considering wall art in the first place. Just think of offering the main one of your kid’s rooms with a beautiful painting of a large tree or just the natural setting of a village on the hill slope. Maybe your kids will find it more interesting to sit close to this wall and read or play.

  • Less Is Always More When It Comes To Kids Room

Minimalist design with fewer furniture and little creative touches here and there can just make the perfect ambiance for your kid’s room. This is why it is advisable not to overdo anything whether it is in respect of furniture or in terms of decoration. At any cost, you need to avoid too many elements and prevent visual clutter inside the room.

Finally, to conclude, it is our piece of advice to give attention to a natural flow of light and air inside the kid’s room. Does your kid’s room receive it’s do you share of light and air? If not, you still need to rethink the arrangement of kids furniture or the overall setting to ensure this.

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