Better Alternatives to Ribbon for Gift Wrapping

Better Alternatives to Ribbon for Gift Wrapping

Ribbon is the leading material used to liven up your gift wrapping skills and tie everything together. It firmly holds wrappings together without allowing anything to become undone until the knot is untied or a cut is made to the ribbon itself. However, there are better alternatives to ribbon for gift wrapping if you’re in a pinch and ribbon is unavailable.

Colorful Yarn

There are many crafts that you can make with colorful yarn. If y’all are using it to take the place of ribbon, you could easily string the yarn together to make thick cords and tie it off when you’re done. There are many ways to make your gift wrapping special, even for beginners. If you want something aesthetically minimal, you can use a single string and wrap it in various ways to get that uniqueness you’re looking for.

Fancy Tulle

Tulle is often used to wrap delicate things, such as wedding gifts and baby shower items. Tulle is a sheer fabric; its light and airy nature is used to accentuate a soft and gentle style. Tulle gives your gift wrapping a unique look and is an excellent option for special occasions.

Packaging Rope

You might remember this classic material from all those times when people got crafty with their gift wrapping. You can get this material from any craft store and can even find it in your local hardware store.

Package rope can be made from many different things but is most commonly made from recycled paper that has been woven together. Package rope is the way to go for those of y’all looking to add a classic look to your gift wrapping.

When wrapping a gift, ribbon is one of the many options available, but it isn’t the only one. There are always better alternatives to gift wrapping that you can find on your own as you craft. Everyone has their own unique style, and it’s up to y’all to find it.

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