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You know the saying that the best things in life aren’t free, I have a change to that verse. The best things in life aren’t free but if you are frugal you can get them almost free. That is if you know when or where to shop when you are looking for women clothing. Shopping for a fabulous wardrobe does not need to break the bank, if you follow these simple rules. First never pay full price for anything. Things will eventually go on sale. Use coupons whenever you can and try to avoid the spur of the moment purchases.

The other day I had to replace my beloved black boots because the zipper broke on one of the boots. Yes I was upset, I love those boots.  But by shopping around, I got another great deal. You see there is a store that I absolutely love. I signed up to get their coupons in my emails. Well wouldn’t you know it that as soon as my zipper broke, what should happen to pop up in my inbox? Yep you guessed it, their flyer with coupons attached. So I went to the store and was able to buy 2 pairs of boots, 2 long sleeve t-shirts and a sweater and I only paid $67.00 for the whole lot. How you ask? First I shop the sale and then I used the coupon that allowed me to save $25 off of my entire purchase. So see by shopping smart, using coupons and being frugal, you can get the finer things in life.

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