A New Baby: Entering Uncharted Territory

A New Baby- Entering Uncharted Territory From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A new baby is a blessing. Unfortunately, despite advice from other moms and family members, it’s all brand new. You’re basically entering uncharted territory. The good news is you will survive and bond with your little bundle of joy every step of the way. Listed below are a few tips to help make life easier during the first several months. 

Sleepless Nights

Initially, most babies won’t sleep through the night. However, developing a nighttime routine will allow them to sleep longer. Their need to eat often will also cause them to awake through the night. Bathing them with scents that promote rest such as the smell of lavender and keeping them wrapped to give them a sense of security will help. In the beginning, you might struggle with rest yourself. However, with experience, you’ll learn to rest during the day while your little one does to offset sleep deprivation. 

Travel Essentials

Doctor’s appointments and afternoon strolls are likely to be a major part of your life. Having the essentials on hand is necessary. This is where having a good diaper bag is beneficial. Try to find one with both interior and exterior pockets so you can access your supplies quickly. A foldable changing pad, travel wipes, ointment for diaper rash, a burping cloth, several diapers, and an extra outfit, are a few of the essentials to keep within. And don’t forget a plastic bag for dirty clothes to keep them safely contained, a pacifier and a rattle are also important. 

Different Cries

Your baby will cry for several reasons which may include hunger, tiredness, discomfort, and pain. Over the course of the first few months, you’ll learn the difference. For new moms, it’s heart-wrenching to hear your little one cry. You want to help them but you don’t know-how. A low-pitched constant cry generally means they are hungry, whereas a nasal, whiny cry often means they need a diaper change. An intense cry suggests your baby is colic and a softer whimper means they aren’t feeling well. Sometimes they will also cry or fuss simply because they crave affection. 

How to Hold a Newborn

Babies are not as delicate as you may imagine. However, you do need to support them. Before picking up the baby, wash your hands thoroughly. Next, make sure you’re comfortable as your baby will sense if you are not and this can cause them to stress, too. Use one hand to support their head and the neck and the other to support their bottom. Then raise the baby’s body up to your chest. It will take a few times to feel comfortable but after that, you’ll master it like a pro. If your little one is colic, holding them with their stomach facing down and their head resting near the elbow will provide them comfort. 


A newborn doesn’t require a bath every night. They have delicate skin that can break out or dry from overexposure to water. A few times a week works. Bathing them at night will help establish the nighttime routine and prepare them for sleep. However, if the daytime works better for you, by all means, do it then. 

Do sponge baths in the beginning until they lose the umbilical cord. A plastic tub that you can set in the regular bathtub or on a counter is good until they can support themselves. Keep the water warm, not hot, and fill the tub only a few inches. Support your baby with one hand and use the other to wash them up. Start at the top of their body doing the head and then the arms, stomach, and rest of the body. Have a soft towel and all of your supplies within reach so that your baby is always safe. 

Learning to care for your newborn takes time. Don’t expect to know everything from day one. In a matter of weeks, you’ll get to know your baby’s needs. 

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