A visual guide to spotting counterfeit money

counterfeit money

It’s difficult enough to make a living while raising a family and struggling to make ends meet, without having to deal with sudden setbacks due to other peoples’ dishonesty.

There’s nothing quite as galling as going to pay for something at the store and being told that the cash that you’re using is fake, forged, counterfeit, funny money! The clerk always has a way of making you feel guilty even when, in fact, it is you who’s been the victim. And never mind the embarrassment – you’re also out of pocket.

It quite literally pays to check your change whenever you receive it at the store. American banknotes will always have a black seal from the Federal Reserve Bank, and on notes of ten bucks value or greater will have the figures written in special ink that changes from a copper color to green when you tilt it.

These notes will also have a watermark portrait of the same person whose face graces the front of the note, which will show up when you hold it to the light. And notes of five dollars value or greater have a security thread made up of the phrase ‘USA’, the value of the note, and a little flag icon. The digits on the back should be slightly raised so you can feel them with your fingertips.

American coins have the words ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ on the front, and apart from the 1-cent and 5-cent coins, the edges always have a serrated pattern that you can run your fingernail down to check.

It’s no fun getting called out for trying to pass bad money at the store, whether you’re just trying to get rid of some that have been tricked on you, or you haven’t noticed that it’s not right. The only way to avoid it is to be vigilant when money is handed to you in the first place. Check out this visual guide to counterfeit money from OnStride Financial for a closer look at what you need to watch out for.

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