Got Junk????

How many times have you seen the ads in the magazine Got Milk??? , with some celebrity with a milk mustache. How funny would it be to see that same celebrity with junk all around them? That would be a great promotional tool. Everybody has junk it right?? But what do you do with that junk?? Do you hide it under your beds, in your closets, in every nook and cranny in our house, or does it overflow into your yard?? That’s not junk it is a yard sculpture, how many times have you used that line??  Are you neighbors always getting on you about your lawn? Now there is great service and it is 1-800  Got Junk. They take such junk as appliances, mattresses, carpets, tiles, leaves, and garbage. They also have a convenient pickup and up front pricing. Which I think is awesome, how many times have you gone to pay for something as it is more than what you expected it to be? They also are responsible in their disposal of the items. They are big on recycling. They have just opened a new franchise, so if you are looking for Appliance Removal Chicago, 1800 Got Junk is your company.

This post was brought you by your friends at 1800 Got Junk.

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  1. I wish I could afford them! Hubby is virtually a hoarder – he's still got boxes of junk from grade school!

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